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Hi Welcome to my Website (:

I'm Sarah .. Very nice to meet you smiley.gif I come from Copenhagen/Denmark, which is a very nice city, and im not just saying that, because i live there.... ;)

Here is some Info about me, just so you know... something about me (:

  • Name: Sarah Marie Hansen
  • Nickname: I have 2 nicknames .. 1 Sasse, thats what my friends call me (: 2 Charlotte Magnus ... I know, I know.. what a weird nickname to have... But i only use it, when i draw... I would have selected another name to write down on my drawings, but i lost a bet to twins ... so they should choose what name i should use .. Ofcause they took the names Charlotte and Magnus, because that is their names ;) ..
  • Favrite Color: Hmm.. have a guess (: here is a hint : I am writing with the color
  • Pets: I have many pets, because my mom is a animal Doctor smiley.gif .. i have 1 Dog = Dexter, 1 Rabbit = Nuller, 4 guinea pigs = Speedy,Rosa,Bella and Fie .. to many guinea pigs ... confused.gif  hëHe ;)
  • Hobbys: Soccer, Drawing, Writeing, Music (not makeing it), Hanging out with Friends and my Bf, Chatting, Reading, Watch funny videos/movies smiley.gif

Now have i told something (: ... Go see my drawings hjerte.png

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