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World Second bussiest airline open new route to Arizona

I'f you like to plan your holiday in the Sun - Fly to Phoenix in Arizona

For only One-Hundred and Thirty dollars you would fly to Phoenix - Very Discount and good Quiality we are the First Airline there simple open one of the Many route weekly from Copenhagüe on Weakly Route, With the new Airbus A330-200 from Air Greenland



Cheryl Cole first visit with ,,Travel'' Regards to the Konference on behalf on SAS Travel.

Yes, Cheryl Cole visit now again Denmark for a little visit to the SAS Travel Head Office were Beautiful Cheryl turned to the Konference Center in the SAS Travel Headquarter Building.

After the Short Message following, that Cheryl w'ill be Sponsorred by SAS Travel - Were SAS donating Money to Cheryl Cole and the CD Producers.



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