SAS TRAVEL Airways - The Flightplan

SAS TRAVEL Airways route map:

In Denmark:       Copenhagen, Billund and Aalborg.


 In Norway:       Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger.


In Sweden:       Stockholm and Gothenburg.


In the Faero Islands: Vagár.


In Iceland:       Reykjavik-Keflavik.


In Greenland:   Kangerlussuaq and Narsarsuaq.


In Germany:    Hamburg, Frankfurt & Rostock, Munich & Berlin, Düsseldorf and Helgoland and Hannover.


In Poland:      Krakow, Poznan and Warzaw.


In Czéch Republic: Prague-Rüzune.


In Austria:      Innsbrück and Vienna.


In Zurich:       Zurich.


In Serbia:       Beograd.


In United Kingdom: London and Edinburgh.


In France:      Paris-Charles De Gaulle and Nice.


 In Italy:       Naples, Rome and Milan-Malpensa and Venice.


In Bulgaria:   Bourgas and Sofia.


In Romania:  Bucharest-Baneasa.


In Budapest: Ferihegy.


In Turkey: Antalya and Istanbul.


In Spain:      Madrid-Barajas, Palma De Mallorca & The Canarias Island.


In Russia:    Moscow-Sheremetyevo and Saint Petersburg-Pulkovo.


In Morroko:  Marrakech and Agadir.


  In China:  Beijing and Bangkok & Kai-Tak, Hongkong and Phuket.


 In Japan:   Tokyo.


In Korea:    Seoul.


In Australia: Sydney and Brisbane.


In Canada:  Toronto and Vancouver and Montreal.


In United States: Newark and Phoenix-Sky Harbor, Atlanta and Chicago-O'hare, Cincinnati and Cleveland & Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Dallas & Las Vegas and Orlando, Seattle and Detroit and Boston.






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