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have something to say:%> _ <% I'm sorry they even did not abandon the pit, but also not ready to direct publication, but busy private matter go. Replies to update now, someone asked Mao modified version must re-posted once, I'm sorry, even is there is no self-confidence, as long as no one mentioned the Green Tea views of no confidence to write down, so. . . . . . . . 2 - 3 weeks, Sang-free Yan to help a school brother pay table, and I went to primary school. Dean Wang Zhuren the office just now, happen to him going to class. Little Mulberry let's wait for a while, I come after class. "Director of orders. "Hey, all right, you are busy you are, I am in no hurry." Wang Zhuren front foot down, the rear school bell rang. Sang no Yan look around this office, find Da newspapers, then they sit down on a wicker chair. ????The teaching building is kind of old-fashioned four-story building. Each floor of the aisle sandwiched on both sides of the center of the classroom, so it is particularly long and narrow corridor, easy to echo. Under normal circumstances, most of the classrooms will be over her door, to avoid mutual crosstalk.


Wang Zhuren the office just at the end of the fourth floor corridor, away from the classroom far, so seems a little quiet. That a thick stack of newspapers is nothing like all levels of the party newspaper education newspaper, no lace, no gossip, no gimmicks, Sang-free Yan a few minutes to read over and over after turning it even more boring. She looked up and saw the linshanzx0825 look at the clock on the wall, just over 78 minutes, so discouraged the chin, push on the desk, sleepy. Faintly hear the children's reading voice over, Green Tea went on the desktop, close your eyes. Read aloud what is it? Like Bai's "Moonstone", "Jiangnan old landscape has come to know. Sunrise Flaming Red River, Spring River, such as blue green. Jiangnan can not?" Suddenly, there is a piano This is recited. Sang-free Yan although sound crazy but I know that this song is "Twinkle," a few very simple mono was easily a second time but it became intermittent mono, and come back and forth back, over and over again. So once Ye Hao, but she actually heard the man so played it three or four times, and also piano did not stop down the meaning.


Some snappily stood up and scratched his hair, thenlooked under the (N +1) wall clock time away from the class of so long ...... Sang Yan out of the office and found the piano from opposite Kotofusa issued and the door is ajar, not closed, only little voice leaked out. She was afraid to have children inside the school, so went to the door outside to quietly probe. Results are not the same, which Louis Vuitton Handbags Cheap she imagined, and only sat a man. That person is the at all times in mulberry no Yan mind swinging the figure - Su read quilt. His left hand pressing the keys, right hand holding a pen in a small board to remember things. That board in Wang Zhuren of office also has a Braille board. Cu Zhaomei tight, side-by-key side, remember Braille. Look at his face, seems to be in lesson preparation and the like, probably are wrestling with how to teach a group of children. However, it seems to be a difficult task. Su read quilt Press both tone down notes of what went immediately touched the keys, but also feel a wrong, can not help but shook his head. Sang Yan to see such a torment for a repeated, so able to understand the annoying sound of the piano is how to. I saw his temper seems to have been exhausted, and hand more and more eager to write Braille, start getting heavier and heavier, to later in each pen to almost all mercilessly poked above.


The last time, the Soviet Union read quilt finally broke the drill pen mercilessly photographed Braille board, "snapped -" to a sound. Sang no Yan can not help but be startled, suddenly knew that this man is very bad temper, a person can be competing with their own children. She immediately want to flash some, so he found himself in this voyeuristic, as the fish the edge of the city gates to the boiled. But . chinese green tea.. she also would like to stay here. ????At the moment, Su read quilt stretched out his left hand index finger heavily over the tods shoes sale keys, right to left, then from left to right. Close their eyes back and forth toss two or three times the piano, his fingers had become soft from the original angry stiff, and look a little relaxed. He sighed and fell into a deep, hands flat on the keyboard, slightly meal, followed by skilled pop-up a piece. That song is abnormally low and even a trace of a trace of wind, at this time was for his skilful piano played out they do not have some flavor. Good to hear the song, I fill in the appropriate word, perhaps even better, Sang no Yan is thinking, when suddenly a gust of wind coming down the corridor, suddenly the piano room door blowing a little bit. The hinge of the door a little antiquated, issued a "squeak -" soon. Sang Yan afraid he found the ring, quickly pulled the door so that it no longer shaking. Unexpectedly, Su read the quilt have heard the sound, the sound of the piano so a lag, head to san no Yan here. His face slightly towards the mulberry no Yan certain, then the side of the side head. Sang-free Yan suddenly feel upset, would have blown the doors move is how unusual things, but superfluous one. She hastened to hold your breath, stop all action.


In the meantime, can only hear the faint corridor that one of the children still in the "Yi Jiangnan" In addition to the wind - in late autumn wind downstairs depleted parasol trees rustled landing sound, there is the cold call call to squeeze into the voice of the hallway. A minute later, the Soviet Union read quilt faint to speak: "Who's there?" This sentence asked Sang Yan no little surprise, then subconsciously back saying: "I" was originally one was hundreds of millions of Chinese people the most frequently used answer fleet Su read quilt Organisation frown: "You Sang . Louis Vuitton Handbags sale....." He talked about the meal, mouth Tao Sang Yan hurried delighted to take: "No Yan, Sang Yan." are you doing here? " Su read quilt slowly asked tods shoes. Found his look has a lot more clear than just an angry when, after Sang-free Yan also drew backs: "I hear good songs on the opposite office, so came over to see." "I now already shells over. "he said. "Uh?" Her moment do not quite understand what he meant. "You can go." After he finished, he looked over his left, picked up the pen again. Sang-free Yan startled by Yi Zheng, an eviction notice from the face of this straightforward embarrassed, then froze in place. Did not think the Su read the quilt did not give her a chance to think, did not look up with another added: "you the door."

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