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 ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012

SOCIETY FOR EDUATION AND ECONOMICAL DEVELOPMENT (SEED) is registered under Tamil Nadu Societies registration act 1975, a non profitable organization rendering its service to uplift the downtrodden on socio- economic, educational and empowerment especially for women, children and youths since 1991.  Our organization believes the strengthening of grass root level people in all aspects.  We concentrate on economical and health aspects for rural and urban people and lead them to get sustainable development. We have conducted several projects for Nagai and Thiruvarur District people. The following programmes are conducted by our organization.


Mahalir Thittam Project:

 In this year of 2011-2012, we formed 77 SHGs and Total numbers of SHGs are 1629 at Nagapattinam and Thiruvarur District. The main motto of organization is self- confident, self sustain on socio- economic development. Our SHGs member got several trainings for their economical development activities. Most of them are utilized their bank loans for their economical development. Vendors, petal shop retailers, agri based marketers, grocery merchants and on entrepreneurs were emerged from our trainings. TAHDCO, DRDA and direct loan linkages were providing by our organization. Revolving Fund and Economical assistance also rise with the support of Departments to our SHGs.


PLF & BLF meeting and trainings conducted for their achievements. Self decision, capacity building training conducts for their development. Our organization is very proud of sustain development by coconut leaf making and selling, Furniture mart, hand made products making and selling, conduction of grocery mart and other small scale business for their development. In future, we ready to form an integrated marketing centre at Nagapattinam. Garment unit also supports to our women group members for their earnings. We plan to develop our unit for exports the material at abroad.



Ø     SHG Loan Disposed to  – Mahalir Thittam Project officer





          Community care Centre started 16 August 2008 to infected and affected persons of AIDS, to give caral and moral support with treatment. Counseling, Group linkage, Nutrious food, medical treatment with home based situation, yoga, Interacting with group and one to one counseling,  providing  recreational activities, ART referral, advisory and advocacy provides by organization.


* Inpatients                                                                                        :   773

* Out patients                                                                                     : 3543

*One to one interaction                                                                       : 2432

* Individual counseling                                                                       : 1468

* Family counseling                                                                            :   436

* Support Group counseling                                                               :   326

* Support Group meeting                                                                             :     11             (131)

* ART referral                                                                                    :     74

* ART other referral                                                                           :    607

* Other referral                                                                                   :    168


          Other support of Educational supporting to PLHIV Children with local fund mobalized by volunteers. Pongal Celebration celebrated by distribution of sugar, rice and other supplementary materials.  District collector, Officials and Govt. Department supporters provided the material to PLHIV persons.




Ø     CCC Treatment to PLHIV members provided by Dr. Venkatesan M.B.B.S.





Ø     Supplementary feed to inpatients at CCC Nagapattinam




Ø     Pongal gift to PLHIV members distributed by District Collector. Mr. Muniyasamy IAS Nagapattinam District.




World AIDS day celebration:


          1st December 2011, World AIDS day celebrated at office venue. Our secretary invited all the participants and Resource person for this programme. The Key person of the programme delivered key notes of prevention method adopted for these symptoms.






Ø     World AIDS Day rally – DDTB Mr. Veerakumar,





World women’s day celebration            


               8th March 2012, SEED celebrated world women’s day celebration in grand manner. Our president and Secretary A.G. Manimegalai delivered welcome address to the participants and Social activists. At the end of rally, women leaders and social activist, insisted the women members to participate for panchayat level committee to fulfill their basic rights and basic amenities. lace"on">APOtongue.giflace>. Mr. Asokan, Mahalir thittam, Mr. Sankar PO, DRDA Sembanarkoil BDO delivered special address about the World women’s day celebration. Miss.  A. Padmavathi. Social reformer, revealed a slogan, please, save the child labor and house workers and equal rights and equal wages. Allowed by community to women workers a cultural programme conducted by the women SHGs member. Our Secretary distributed the memento and prizes for the winners. Our Treasurer delivered vote of thank to all the participants.



Ø     World women’s day celebration Sembanarkovil




Ø     World Women’ day celebration at Thirupaythankudi.




              Ministry of Environment and Forests, t="on">lace"on">New Delhitongue.giflace>, supported the Bio Diversity conservation programme. Seminar conducted by the organization. Government officials, Panchayat level leaders and women SHGs member participated in this programme. A.G. Manimegalai, Secretary gave a warm welcome to the participants and guest lecturers. Mrs. Anjammal Arumugam, president of Thirupayathangudi, presided over the programme and delivered key notes about the conservation of bio diversity and water resource management.  Mr. K. Soundrapandian, DFO, Radhakrishnan, Vice- Chairman of Thirumarugul panchayat union, Mr. Thirugnansambantham, DFO, Mr. Rajarathinam BDO. Thirumarugal illustrated the importance of Bio Diversity conservation. At the end of the programme T.N. Anantharajan, thank to all the participants.





          Village level meeting / community level meeting conducted for this programme. Identification of T.B. Suspected cases and referral to centers, PHC & DNC, reducing the number of referral cases, Motivate them to reach the nearest centers for treatment.  TB Forum formed by the Co-ordinator at Nagapattiam District area. DOTs also provided and positive cases insist to take DOT oral pills. GKS programme conducted to Youth members, community people, volunteers, women SHGs members, Village committee members Health staffs, Anganvadi workers,




Ø     TB day celebration programme on March 24. Honorable Minister Mr. Jayabal inaugurated at Nagapattinam. District collector and other Government officials participated in this Programme.





CHAI – GKS meeting at Thirumarugal.


Counseling centre:

          Counseling centre run by seed at Nagapattinam to the health and family counseling for general public who are affecting by social evils and issues. Dowry cases, sexual harasement, family problem also solved at this counseling centre. We conduct adolescent girls meeting who are participating in women SHGs family members and public general. Nutritious food, utilization of iron tablets, Health and hygiene programme also conducts at gradual interval. ANC & PNC care in and out patients, Diabetic affected patients and deficiency of nutritious food disease also consulted in our counseling centre.




Ø     Counseling centre at Nagapattinam- Counselor G. Raja. M.S.W.


Community Health Camp:


            Blood donation programme jointly conducted by SEED and Primary Health centre, Thirumarugal. Certificates issued to the blood donar. Our SEED organization motivates the people participating health related assistance programme to public general. General Medical camp also conducted to rural people. In future, we wish to establish integrated health centre at Thirumarugal. We thank to the participants and doctors to assist the programme with great success.


Ø     Community Health camp at Thirumarugal, Dr. L. Liayakath Ali and others.


Disaster Management meeting:


          Disaster management training conducted at Thirumarugal for women SHGs and public general, how to reduce the losses and minimize the social evils at the time critical disaster position. Our Secretary, A.G. Manimegalai presided over the seminar at lace"on">lacename"on">Tharangambaditongue.giflacename> lacetype"on">Schooltongue.giflacetype>tongue.giflace> going children. Fire service official delivered special address on disaster management at the time of critical position. Once again, we thank to the resource person and participants. Disaster Programme conducted jointly with TNVHA Chennai.



Ø     Disaster Management programme – Tharangambadi –Training to School students

     and SHGs members. Fire officers and secretary delivered special address.


LIC-JBY Scheme and Insurance scheme for SHGs members:


          Our secretary and other officials motivated the SHGs members must involved in savings and insurance scheme for their welfare. We provide scholarship to school going children from IX th standard to XII th Standard. At the end of the policy maturity, the members have got benefits with bonus amount.



Ø     JBY = LIC provided scholarship to SHGs member’s children.




Female sexual workers TI Project supported by TANSACS from September 2009. Our organization Identify the Female sexual workers from Nagapattinam District. New cases are identified by our organization.


The total no of                                        total FSW     old             New

       Cases identified up to                      

       March 2012                                          675                   503              172


Referral cased                                                                          

          Tested-STI+ICTC                                                          133

HIV Positive                                                                                 3


Condom distribution                                                                     1, 50,000 Nos.


Condom Training to Workers (Demo) -                                           20


Condom Distribution Box fixed at festival area, around velankanni church, Nagoor Targa, and Tourist centers. The total No. of boxes fixed at 20 Main places.

Counseling work adopted at Female sexual workers area, create awareness at lodge and auto stand areas.





Ø     Programme to target people of FSW. Recreational and counseling programme



Skill training by SGSY:


     Fashion technology and Apparels making training provides to our SGSY members for their income generation programme. Skill up-gradation and identification of self development at rural level youth and women group members. Unemployed women members got placement through this training. Techno pack consultancy supported to us for conduct this programme.   45 trainees completed this skill training programme and get placement and self employment opportunity created by themselves.





Ø     Skill Training to SGSY trainees at apparel skill training, Placement opportunity provided after completion of training. Techno pack assisted to conduct this programme.




Future Plan:


Ø      lace"on">lacename"on">SEEDtongue.giflacename> lacename"on">Integratedtongue.giflacename> lacename"on">Trainingtongue.giflacename> lacetype"on">Centertongue.giflacetype>tongue.giflace> at Community based need.

Ø     50 bedded lace"on">lacename"on">Integratedtongue.giflacename> lacename"on">Healthtongue.giflacename> lacetype"on">Centertongue.giflacetype>tongue.giflace> with fully equipped Machineries and Equipments.

Ø     Bio- farming, Modern Agri technique lace"on">lacename"on">Trainingtongue.giflacename> lacetype"on">Centertongue.giflacetype>tongue.giflace> at rural Level.


Our Sincere Thank to:

Ø     District Collector Nagapattinam & Thiruvarur

Ø     Project Director and other officials-   TANSACS-Chennai

Ø     PO-DRDA-PO-Mahalir Thittam- Nagapattinam & Thiruvarur

Ø     AGM NABARD, LDM,    Managers Nagapattinam & Thiruvarur

Ø     JDH & DDH    Family welfare and health Nagapattinam & Thiruvarur

Ø     All Bank Managers, lace"on">Apotongue.giflace>’s Mahalir Thittam,

Ø     BDO’s Panchayat Unions-Thiruvarur and Nagapattinam District

Ø     Doctor & Staff, lace"on">lacename"on">Primarytongue.giflacename> lacename"on">Healthtongue.giflacename> lacetype"on">Centertongue.giflacetype>tongue.giflace> Thirumarugal,

Ø     Fire Officers, TNVHA-Chennai, CHAI-Hyderabad,

Ø     Techno pack-    t="on">lace"on">Bangaloretongue.giflace>,

Ø     Peace Trust – RRA- Dindigul

Ø     Police Officers, TNSWB Chennai,

Ø     Well-wishers & Supporter of SEED Organization.




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