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Realtors VS. Homeowners- Which One Is A Better Option?

50602853926a024092012.jpgIf I would like to sell my house fast London, I will either sell the house myself or hire a real estate agent to do the selling for me. However, if I opt to hire a real estate agent, I must be willing to pay for commission.

If you are selling your house and cannot decide if you are selling it on your own or not, then read on.

1. Process

There are homeowners who opt to sell their house by themselves because they don’t see the need to hire a real estate agent or paying a commission of 6%. But with that, the homeowner will not be able to get an expert advice from the agent when it comes to selling a house.

Other than that, the homeowner will be the one to handle and tackle everything from making promotions, taking all calls from potential buyers, taking the buyers to check out the house, and does the price negotiation. To avoid the stress from handling all these matters, there are also homeowners who are willing to pay commission to the agent.

2. Commissions

Typically, the agent earns 6% commission on the total price of the house. After homeowners pay the commission to the agent, the homeowner may end up with just enough amounts to pay for the remaining mortgage if the house was sold for a low price.

3. Types

There are real estate agents that instead of working as a traditional broker, will work as discount broker who earn lower commissions. The homeowner will pay commissions that are around 2-5% and can decide the level of assistance they want to have. a discount broker may only take calls from potential buyers or promote your house in a website or local newspaper. But with all that, you are still the one who is responsible in selling your house. that is why homeowners must consider first if it is worth to pay for the service of a real estate agent.

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