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Finding the right Tile for your Swimming Pool

When it comes to making your pool look great looking, choose natural Stone tiles, as they give your pool a sophisticated model while at the same time, achieving slip resistance. Natural Stone tiles are specific by artists, interior designers, and taman artists, to give a timeless, and very organic overall look. Bali Greatest Stone would like to introduce our own new range of pool tiles, the Sukabumi Green tiles, that can come in many sizes. They can be longer lasting than synthetic stone tiles and so are resistance to corrosion.


Also known as quartzite-green stone, Black Basalt Tile is a kind of quartzite that has a specific greenish hue. It is accurately this unique luster in addition to shade that makes Sukabumi Green transendental for pools. Sukabumi Green’s composition is more powerful than the average quartzite. It does not break easily, so it can liked by more decades to come.

Sukabumi Green, like other quartzite’s has many advantages:

It really is thermally stably. Will not absorb heat simply.

It is also water resistant. It offers very low absorption rate.

It is not prone to scratching. It has high abrasion resistance.

It is not slippery to users, so that it is less susceptible to injuries.

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