Shadowlands - Bane Spirits
Bane Spirits are corruption manifested into life. They are ideas and purpose twisted into something other than the original intent, or they are born from events of distruction or misfortune which has happened in any realm. Once so shapen a being can never be anything else, and is consumed by its only purpose; the complete and utter corruption, or destruction, of everything around it.
Although all bane spirits are of such corruption, not all banes are the same. Some are simple, and driven by purpose absent thought. These are the lesser, and most common, banes referred to merely as Bane Spirits. Yet other, more deadly, banes exist. Ones that exist with conscious thought who act on choice, wielding power greater than that of a being of base passion. These are referred to as Sentient Banes. But even these beings give way to the true pinnacle of their species - beings of such power that they breed terror even among their own kind, and are held as gods among their race. These are The Great Banes, and stand only a few...

Bane Spirits:
Bane Spirits are beings created by misfortune, and have powers equal to the event that created it. These events of misfortune could be anything. It could be the contamination of a lake, in which case the bane spirit may have power over illness and poison. Or it could be an explosion that caused the death of a person - in which case it could command power over fire. It could even be the murder of an innocent, in which case the demon could command power over death. Even an illfated decision of a politician could possibly create a bane, one who could command power over the mortal mind. Any event which carries misfortune could create a lesser bane, but true for all these banes is that they have only one power and no thoughts to speak of. They are driven only by instinct, and aren't found in the mortal realm - unless somehow ripped from the shadowlands.

Sentient Banes:
Sentient Banes are most often created when an idea is corrupted by misuse, or evolve into something darker than originally intended. These spirits are deadly and more often than not command more than one power. The cause of this is unknown, but it is speculated that they have either developed ways to fit other powers to their warped ideals or that they somehow steal, or leech, powers from other beings. 
Although the sentient banes operate out of conscous thought, ones often more complex than that of the beings around them, they are beings with great faith in their so called gods - whom they serve with deadly devotion.
These beings, like their lesser brethren, are found in the shadowlands - but have also been known to dwell in the mortal realm (a realm they seem to favor).

The Great Banes:
The Great Banes are powerful spirits of corruption and terror said to wield unimagninable powers. They are said to war with the grand spirits in a realm which all others have been denied access, and live out their wicked will through the sentient banes. And although stories of their presence in other realms have been told for ages, no evidence of such has ever been presented-
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