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503bb285c8c7127082012.jpgWhen it comes to the needs of IT to utilize virtualization solutions they must make the decision of which virtualization solution they will put to the task. This is not necessarily and easy task for many businesses to make as there are quite a number of solutions out there. However, time and time again many businesses are selecting VMware as their primary virtualization solution and it is not by accident. VMware has been in the industry of virtualization for over a decade now after their secret formation in 1998 and subsequent release of VMware workstation in 1999. Since those days VMware has grown into a multi-billion dollar enterprise that’s tasked at providing virtualization software to IT operations across the globe.

vSphere – A True Hypervisor That Delivers

In today’s world, a reliable and secure virtualization layer is critically important as more workloads are quickly becoming virtualized. One of VMwares impressive features is their vSphere hypervisor – while competitors have adopted the idea that the hypervisor is not much more than simply a commodity, it is clear that VMware has taken a much difference stance.

VMwares vSphere hypervisor is completely unmatched in the virtualization ecosphere and it goes without saying that it is their hypervisor should be the standard for all future virtualization developers - a golden standard so to speak. Designed for the single purpose of virtualization, vSphere is does not rely on a specific OS and so it directly interacts with the v86 architecture resulting in a high level of efficiency. When it comes to upgrades and patches vSphere patching is done in a simplified manner – all patches relate directly to the hypervisor and have no relation to OS specific patching. Also, vSphere is one of the few hypervisors that truly support hyper-threaded processing.

Who Is Already Using VMware?

Without a doubt VMware is the industry leader when it comes to enterprise virtualization. It’s for this reason that one-hundred percent of Fortune 100, Fortune 500, and Fortune Global 500 companies all rely on VMware solutions for their organizations, in use from their datacenters all the way to their cloud applications.

The total number of customers has reached an astounding 350,000, an clear testament to their results driven solutions. Even amongst small and medium sized business VMware has reached a market share somewhere in the vicinity of 76%. It’s clear that VMware has created a virtualization solution that works. It’s no wonder that IT professionals are flocking to VMware training courses to pick up on the skills necessary to put virtualization to work.

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