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Maximizing Your Potential In The World Of Jewelry

The best way to make sure that you're getting the best jewelry and making it last, is to amass quality information on the subject. This will help to make sure that you do not end up making costly errors. Follow the advice in this article and you will have some ideas of what to do and not to do.

If you want to purchase a piece of jewelry that is sentimental and not necessarily ornate, opt for a solid sterling silver, white gold, or platinum band without stones. Have a name, date, or personal message engraved on the inside of the ring, pendant, or bracelet to add an inspiring, personalized touch.

When you are purchasing a diamond, you should never be in a hurry; so, do not let anyone pressure you into making a hasty decision. Always purchase your diamond from a reputable jeweler. The diamond you select to buy should be suitable to your budget and fulfill your basic criteria for the 4C's - cut, color, carat weight, and clarity. Diamonds are an investment which won't wear out or depreciate.

Choose jewelry colors that reflect the season. In Spring, wear pastels and bright shades of green. In Summer, go for deeper greens, blues and browns. In the Autumn, show your fall colors with orange, rust, yellow and brown. During the Winter months alternate between sparkling white, sky blue and silver, and warm tones of gold, red and deepest green.

When it comes to choosing the color of the pearls, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, white or pale pink pearls generally flatter those with fair, lighter skin tones. For wearers with darker and olive skin tones, black and lavender pearls look very striking against the skin.

Opals are beautiful stones, and not only naturally contain a myriad of colors, but also their base matrix can be any of a number of gorgeous colors, including the classic white and black, but also including beautiful blue or vivid orange matrixes. Just don't let them dry out; wipe them down with water regularly to avoid cracking.

When buying jewelry it is a good idea to personalize it. You can choose to have an engraving on the interior of the piece or on the backside of it. It should be a message that will mean something to the person who is receiving the jewelry so that they can look at the engraving and think of fond memories from the past.

The advice that we have provided in this article will work. It's easy to forget though, so why not make a few notes on the suject? Or you could make a folder for all of your jewelry-related information. You can have a nice collection of quality jewelry if you follow sensible guidelines.

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