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Watching the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race Start - The way to Miss the Start off!

I was operating late. I did not mean to become. Who ever does? But I believed that on my motorcycle I could get in towards the city and watch the 100 or so large yachts all take off from the start line of the Sydney to Hobart race without having any problems. I mean, I would not have to worry about parking right? And visitors jams probably would not be an issue, so I left it a little late.

The stupid issue was, that I did not actually know exactly where I was going. I headed in to Mrs Macquarie's Chair - that looks out more than the whole harbour does not it? I rode in around the loop road until I got out over the point and surprisingly, there wasn't a yacht to be noticed anyplace. The harbour looked precisely like it did each other day of the week.


How could that be? How are you able to hide 100 yachts so effectively in a harbour?

The only answer I could come up with (the right 1), was that they start a lot further out within the harbour. It appears clear now, but I did not actually do my research before I went it. So I continued out along the southern shores of the harbour out towards the heads.

I knew I was acquiring closer when I saw police directing traffic and signs sydney pointing towards the Sydney to Hobart race at Ruchcutters Bay. I went in, parked the bike inside a field filled with vehicles and walked more than to the waterside, exactly where a lot of yachts had been moored. But I couldn't see very far, nor could I see the 100 or so yachts out on the water about to begin an internationally renowned race. I feel I was in the incorrect spot once more...

I jumped back on my bike and continued further out along the south head, but when I finally got within the proper region, it was currently also late. I jumped off to join a group of locals at the side of a road peeking through a gap in the trees to determine a glimpse of the harbour down in the distance when I heard the canons fire which signaled the start in the race. I couldn't really see the yachts but, however the helicopters in the air, the people all about the place, and the canon all let me understand that they weren't far off...

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