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New day, new week, new goal... I think.

So another week has begun.. And I am on the way down into a hole again. Today was the longest I have spent on my work in a very long time. It was a long day, but it has not been as terrible as I had feared.

I started a little sluggish out where I really had no desire to go anywhere. To me a clear sign that it is going a little down again. Our daughter had sleept restless, with some cough, and she came in to us this morning, without notish.

I call it 'Monday-mood'.  The melancholy I usually find myself in on Mondays. Throughout Monday. Laundry will not be touched, cat's tray is not drained, and I probably neither pick up our daughter earlier than 30 min. before the kindergarten closes.
So what is it about..? Personally, I think this is about the fact that there have been really crazy over this weekend. Both my husband and our daughter is home, and it is, of course, in the weekends there is an opportunity to visit family and friends. The much transport and the many people (consideration to other people, etc.) makes me tired and worn out.
And I do not really feel is fair, since I do not have a driving license wich is why my husband always drive when we must. And then he sucks in feelings like a sponge in water. Both the clear emotions and especially those which people around him are trying to hide.
But in any case, I use Monday to relax after the disturbances in the weekends. As my father usely say; 'Let us get home so we can go to work tomorrow, and relax.'

Today was a little different. But a bit like Mondays. Perhaps it was because I was cut last Thursday, and I would not have attention. I hate attention. People are looking at you. Expect that you will do a whole lot, during the short time a examination takes. HELLO! The soup plate, quantum theory and pythagoras equations has allreaddy been invented! I have a huge lack of selfconfidence. But that would a 1. -year psychology student already in the first semester has been able to spot.

My feet: I have no idea what I've done, but my ankle started to hurt when I got home. It has only got worse. No, I have not taken any painkillers for it.

PILLS.. I take a few pieces each day. But not more than I have to smiley.gif I take as follows; 1 fish oil (from netto), 1 (multivitamin (also from netto Com on; it is the cheapest! ), and 2 Ferrous Duretter, iron addition(from the pharmacy).
All pills, I am taking in the morning i take with to a bowl of yoghurt and some oatmeal, a mug milk, two coarse biscuits with banana and a cup of tea.
But here I am with another kind of pills. Pills that have sideeffects like; restlessness in the body, suicide thoughts, reduce desire for sex and yellow colouring of both skin and the conjunctiva (the white area in the eye)
The pills are called Sertralin and is given to me for depression. I have read these instructions for use, and for safety reasons, i will have my husband to also read it through. It is possible that I can come to overlook some serious side effects. I am nervous about taking the pills.
Not only because of the sideeffects, but also in relation to how I could begin to respond both towards my husband, but also to our daughter. But right now it's all about, that I should finished my education.
The thesis statement must be handed in during this week, the professional test to September (if I am not mistaken), and then examination in October. And so I'm free.

My goal right now: Take one day at a time. Get started with my thesis statement. Find me organised in a weekday where I probably will find myself depending on medicin for depression.
Long time goal: Finish as Office trainee. Get firm work and have child number two on it's way. To move in into a House would also be nice (with lots of space).
Enjoy seconds and enjoy each other.


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