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 A sonographer is a medical professional who is trained to use machinery that displays images inside the human body. The images are seen on a monitor and used by doctors to diagnose an illness or condition in a patient.

Working with patients

 To take a sonogram, the professional applies a clear and odorless gel to the part the patient's body that is being evaluated. Then he/she places a transducer on the patient, which emits sound waves into body of the individual being examined. When the sound waves bounce back, an image appears on the monitor. Many people prefer receiving sonograms as opposed to an X-ray, since the procedure doesn't give off harmful radiation like an X-ray does. This makes sonograms particularly safe for children and pregnant women.

Working with other professionals

 If you want to be an ultrasonographer, you'll need to work well with other healthcare professionals, like the doctor and nurses. They also have to be a people person, since they need to interact pleasantly with patients and make them feel comfortable with the procedure. The job also requires that you spend a considerable amount of your day standing up, and you should be able to lift up to 50 pounds comfortably, as you may have to carry medical equipment to and from hospital rooms.

Sonography Salary and Career Information

 To become a ultrasonographer, you can attend a medical institute and receive a one-year certificate, or you can receive an associate or bachelor's degree from an accredited college. Students will receive hands-on clinical training during school, and will take classes like anatomy and physiology so they can learn the specifics of the body of patients. According to the latest report of, once you graduate, sonographers make an average of $65,750 per year and $31 per hour. Your certification or licensing, which is necessary for you to begin working as a ultrasonographer after your training, is often available through your educational institution or obtain certification through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

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