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Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

Physical causes of ED are because of three basic reasons. At first when an individual fails to start according to the signal send by the nervous system to have an erection. It generally happens when there is insufficient hormone production, an injury in the spinal cord, pelvic surgery and Parkinson's disease.

Subsequently because of insufficient blood flow to the penile region. This happens when there is any sort of blockage in the arteries and leads to inability to develop a sturdy erection for copulation. Moreover at last it can happen because of the failure of the blood to be held in the penile region for having copulation.

Physical erectile dysfunction is a result of improper functioning of any of these systems. But not to worry the physical factors leading to erectile dysfunction is treated with right medication and right adaptability to life style habitats.

Due to improper working of these systems an individual can come across illness like cardio vascular diseases, diabetic’s mellitus, nervous system, aging, cancer surgery, medication, smoking, alcoholism, medication and hormonal imbalance.  

Men suffering from cardiovascular diseases affect the artery leading to the penile region. As a result the penile muscles fail to dilate the required blood which is necessary to have a sturdy erection for complete sexual act. It happens because of the hardening of the arteries. Impotence can also occur if the nerves that control blood flow to the penis are damaged.

Diabetes causes nerve deterioration.  An individual suffering from diabetics can experience erectile dysfunction as the nerves or blood vessels that control the flow of blood to the penis are affected. In some cases, maintaining the diet and blood sugar under control can diminish the chances of ED.    

Disease of the Nervous System can be a component for ED. Damage to the spinal cord and nerves in the pelvis can lead erectile dysfunction. Disease, trauma, or surgical procedures can also be a factor to nerve damage.

Aging is another factor which adds to ED. As men ages they are obvious to undergo many physical changes which subjects to the functioning of their system. Basically ED is seen in elder men above the age of 60 as a factor of aging. Simultaneously these illnesses are treated with medication. The components in these medications are obvious to have its effects on the nervous system of the man.

Smoking and alcoholism is another factor which adds to ED. The body reacts chemically in such a way that mind overcomes body. In a hallucinated manner, the signals are not communicated and reacted accordingly. Over indulge in smoking a d drinking leads to permanent injury to the sexual organ. Smoking and alcoholism is bad for men who are suffering from other illness like diabetics, blood pressure, nervous problem s it react in a negative manner leading to many problems in the sexual potency of an individual.

Erectile dysfunction can be cured by the help to right medication. Generic Viagra is the best option which will boost the blood flow to the penile region and have a sturdy erection. Buy generic Viagra online from and have a blissful sexual life. 

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