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Eye lasering surgery: the good, the bad, and the ugly

The good. Eye lasering surgery corrects major eye problems and help in elimination of frequently using the glasses. You will achieve a better vision and easy perception of color when qualified personnel do it. augen lasern It is a onetime investment, as it eliminates the budget you have to set aside for your glasses and eye drops. The process also reduces the likeliness of cross infection from one eye to the other when using the eye drops. If you feel uncomfortable in those glasses or look bad in them, then you can go for the laser.


The bad. Eye lasering surgery is exactly what it is. It is a surgical procedure and like any surgical procedure, risk must be considered. Studies have shown that up to 80% of those who have undertaken this option are satisfied with the results. 20% of the remaining people experienced side effect from mild to worse, and this could include you. There are complaints of having a halo around light especially at night, and if you are a driver then this will affect your driving. Temporal Eye dryness is common too.

The ugly. Cases of eye lasering procedures that have gone bad are rare. However, those that have been reported are quite adverse and could affect your vision permanently. When done by the wrong person, or done in the wrong manner, the process can lead to a complete loss of sight. There are also chances of introducing new infections into the eye via the small wounds made by the laser. http://augenlasern24.net/augen-lasern-risiken/ Double vision is yet another of those effects that might need another operation to correct. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the individual to inquire about these side effects before deciding on whether to take the option or 8not.

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