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17306169.jpgDo you want to enjoy the better of all possible worlds in the place that you live in? If that's so then greet Marina One Residences. Fixed to be finished in 2019, this will be an renowned structure which can be seen in Marina South area. You can find the place is within the new main area for Worldwide business as well as economic activities present in Singapore. If you are significantly considering of moving to Singapore for work and leisure time then this is the ideal place where you can do just that. A great location like this surely is out there in the heart of the metropolis.Click on the following website, if you are searching for additional information concerning marina one residences Singapore. Another look on the Marina One Residences is it will be the centerpiece region where among the two breakthroughs by M & S private Ltd along with a joint venture together with the Khazanah Nasional . Another development is called DUO Residences. The Marina One is all about 2.83 hectares and is valued to be about $6 billion. You can state that it will likely be one of the luxurious properties within the region. It'll have store and office spaces on its 269000 sqm overall gross floor region. When you need your business to be located around where you reside then this place is ideal for you. It really is a strategic place to be, in which additionally, it turns into a landmark along with other developments just like the Gardens by the Bay and the Flyer within the high growth Marina South area. In summary the Marina One will be a mixed use development, it is going to alot the 52% to the offices. The office spaces include 2 storey workplace blocks. The rest of the 34% is going to be for the 36 storey residential blocks including the 1359 high end non commercial units. And also the additional 10% will probably be for retail store spaces linked to the non commercial units and offices. Not bad right? You are experiencing your lifestyle and working all simultaneously.
 You will also have a shop podium as well as wonderful green garden called the Heart at the center of the 3 blocks. Envision it as a haven of the residence exactly where everyone is able to come and enjoy the view and just relax. If you want adventure there's also 2 nearby recreational areas that may satisfy your need of easygoing walking the property. The Marina One also offers you basement levels and even an underground pedestrian network. Marina One has previously won awards with the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2012 for the Best High Rise Architecture, Best Mixed Use Architecture along with Best Mixed Use Development. You can say it is among the most popular properties in Singapore. You wouldn't want to be left out right? Find out about Marina One and get advantages in calling the area your perfect residence.

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