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The victory of unselfishness over selfishness in all forms (the victory of common interest over private interest).    

- in a system where gaining profit is encouraged nobody can live in      
ice. Therefore the term of profit must cease to exist.

2.The creation of an international, democratic World Government.

3.The demilitarizat
ion of all countries in favour of the establishment of an international, non-political world police force.

4.The development of an international undisguised - not secret - supreme system of law and justice, represented by science's most eminent people in spiritual as well as in material fields, who would be qualified to know the difference between "abnormal actions" and "crimes", knowing the course of evolution and life's eternal laws which would thus guarantee absolute right and justice for all things and all beings.
5.The abolition of private individuals possessing valuable goods in favour of their appropriation by the World State.
6.The abolition of money in favour of the establishment of an individual's personally rendered work as the only value of payment, and the receipt for it as their only means of payment.
7.The establishment of a fund for childhood, old age and illness covering the whole of the World State and founded on the basis of instalments from work-receipts.
8.The employment of machines for shortening material working hours in favour of study days and spiritual research.
9.The abolition of all violence and bloodshed.
10.The abolition of torture and corporal and capital punishment in favour of expert arrangements for internment and education.


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