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The Importance Of Staying Anonymous Online

Browsing anonymously online is a growing concern for many Internet users due to Internet privacy breaches and online identity theft. Anonymous Internet browsing can protect you from online identity theft, website trackers and network monitors. When you use a traditional web browser, you reveal your physical location to the websites you visit via your IP Address (a unique number which identifies your computer on the Internet). Want to know what you reveal to websites? Visit

The SurfEasy Private Web Browser provides you with protection online against hackers, snoops, network administrators and ISPs. SurfEasys online Internet security product provides users with online privacy protection and it is as easy as plugging in a USB key. SurfEasy protects your online privacy in three ways:

1. SurfEasy encrypts your browsing traffic with the same encryption used by the worlds leading banks. All browsing traffic is private and secure, even on an open Wi-Fi or monitored network.

2. SurfEasy safely stores your personal information such as web browsing history, bookmarks and passwords on your password-protected key, ensuring nothing is left behind on the computer or network.

3. SurfEasy routes your online browsing through our Private Network, ensuing your originating IP address is kept private from the websites you visit. This keeps your online identity private from anyone wishing to abuse your personal information.

With anonymous Internet browsing, the amount of information revealed is in the control of the user. Information such as personal details, physical location, and tracking are protected by using anonymous web browsing.

The most talked about problem faced by Internet users are related to cookies. Cookies are small bits of information downloaded to your computer when you visit a website. Most of the time, cookies are used to track and follow Internet users as they surf the web. Cookies can contain user details such as site preferences, passwords, usernames, history, searches and even their e-shopping cart information.

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