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           Dont all parents want happy kids?

I am an educated child psychologist who works with environmental therapy. Allow me to explain to you what this kind of therapy is:

Environmental therapy is a systematic and thoughtful organization of the environment, both psychologically, socially and mentally. It is a set of recurring incidents of the structure of daily life as a frame aroun the therapists contact services for the child.

Environmental therapy works with understanding the inappropriate behavior and attribute this behavior make sense. This gives the child an insight into why it is, as it does. Through the involvement of this understanding, and reflection of the child and its internal working models of self and others, can work to reverse the hard-loaded child's development. The environment in which we plan, must be predictable and sufficiently structured to fear among the children do not get out of hand.

• The environment is symptom tolerant. ◦ A symptom may be an indication that the children have some difficulty, struggling with some issues, and if we only try to correct the symptom, it can be perceived by the children as a lack of understanding and empathy. We must always consider first symptom, as we understand it. Normally blades symptoms of when children feel understood at a deeper level.

• The environment is spacious. ◦ The children need to feel welcomed with everything it contains. The environment is also to a large extent, need satisfactory. The children through childhood found it difficult to meet their own emotional needs, and we strive to provide children the contact they need, and they in a given moment can receive. Honesty, implementation of requests and offers of goods, are important elements. Satisfaction of needs through food is an important pedagogical agent.

• The environment is contact performance to the extent that each child for each time can receive. ◦ Children with many contacts break behind them are often afraid to get involved in new close contacts ter, and we must adapt outlet for what kids can do.

• The environment is reassuring. ◦ We need to keep on keeping on, keep on, keep going and keep on. We as adults must help children control their impulses.

The environmental therapeutic basis means that everyday has to be build on the concepts of place, time and space.

I work with relationships, why I must be a credible and stable adult who can provide the reassurance about the children they need. I work with the childs need for structure and management
Everyday events should follow the same rhythm, which applies to both the school day and for children's recreation. Some children who will take good use of environmental therapy is kids that have conditions that have been marked by neglect in one way or the other, while others have a large degree of impact due to developmental disorders. These factors has a serious impact on children's personality development and leads to many children have extensive psykosocial difficulties. These psychosocial difficulties can be both internalizing and externaliserende character.

I do think that it is important that we as parents make an effort to help our children to become secure and good citizens. WE can do a lot. I am doing seminars on environmental therapy to educate parents how to interact with their children. To give you the tools so that your kid(s) will know how to interact in society

Personal 1-5 persons:  250 $ per person

Groups of 5-25 persons:  500 $ for the whole group

This will include a two day course during a weekend with 5 hours each day. Materials for you to bring home and it will include assignments on saturday for sunday


Call me at my cell number 713-624-0368 between 9.00 am and 2.00 pm and lets get your family back on track and happy again.





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