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So have you decided yet? Is the music worth travelling for, or is it just the excellent company at Sut Mi Gola.

New band releases every week, the Sut Mi Gola website is updated with videos of bands featured at this years festival (except the U2 clip, it's just legendary)

Is there a band missing from your "must watch list" give me a hint, and I'll find a clip, and put it on the website for you.

Also if you have some nice pictures from Roskilde send them to me, and I'll put them on the site.


The lineup is starting to get interesting, so go out there buy your tickets and join the rest of the group in July.




December 10th.

2009 was like so many times before, a great year. And it was quite nice in this dark winter, to be tuned in to the Danish summer when     it's at it 's best. It happend in the "Theme night special from Roskilde" wich aired at the Danish television station DR2 saturday evening.


On top of that, we also saw a few new names added to next year's lineup at Dyrskuepladsen.


It warmed with names like:

C.V. Jorgensen, MUSE, The Kissaway Trail and Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. NOFX was published earlier, and they are supposedly a well recognize and legendary punk band. I don't know them, so I've got to make up for that in the next 6 months.

The newest addition of bands is, Pavement. Absolutely terrific. A legandary Indie band from USA. They've been reunited this year for a few concerts.

Anyway, it's fantastic that they'll continue next year, and of course, one is almost tempted to say, they'll play at Roskilde 2010th

Speculation and rumors about Pearl Jam at the Roskilde Festival in 2010, have already started. Pearl Jam have an empty date in the calendar on July 1st. This means that they have the opportunity to open Roskilde Thursday evening. It would be a great way to end the chapter about Pearl Jam and Roskilde, in the 10 years for the accident in front of the Orange Stage.

Rumors has started, since Pearl Jam is on tour in Europe, and  play several festival jobs. I'll cross my fingers, although it'll probably end up with, just another one of the usual rumors.




December 2nd.


Roskilde has announced the first band (It's a christmas tradition)


NOFX plays Roskilde Festival 2010

The US skate punks are first announced act in December, which will be rich on music news.

Here we go again. A new season with music announcements begins.

We will announce a handful of smaller acts in our online Advent calendar, giving you a foretaste of the width, variation and greatness of the music programme for Roskilde Festival 2010.

If you have opened today's door in the Advent calendar, you already know about this announcement.

NOFX (US) is behind one of the best and most extensive punk rock catalogues and has since the early 80s played it as social critics with a hankering for obscenities and slapstick. The band's music is respectless, witty, angry and most of all full of galloping drums and catchy choruses. 25 years at the punk rock front line has placed the Californian band among the greatest treasures of the genre.

Watch Danish television on Saturday
The music acts to be announced in the Advent calendar will not be the only Christmas presents in December.

On Saturday, Danish TV channel DR2 broadcasts an entire evening about Roskilde Festival, and a couple of solid names from the top of the coming festival poster might be mentioned. DR2 is available for streaming through the channel's website.






Back in the year of our Lord 1990, Kenneth went to Roskilde Festival. Back then the camp was called "Zombie Birdhouse" and was a camp for students at Herlev Gymnasium. For Kenneth, it was a completely unique experience, which he in 1991, insisted on sharing with his friend Jacob. 


They had both seen the light, but would not be alone with this experience. Both Jacob and Kenneth was, completely blown away by the fantastic atmosphere at the Roskilde Festival.


Super was therefore invited in 1992. The year is legendary for so many reasons, the weather, football Championship and as far as I know, Nirvana's only appearance on Danish soil. Super was thrilled and yet a faithful Roskilde participant was born! 


A few years went past, before the group was expanded further. 1995 was the year when Lars joined the camp. He had been hijacked from another camp, since he is known as Super's brother in law. This year we lacked, however, Kenneth, who had chosen to spend the summer in Guatemala.  Kenneth's absences in 1995 had not destroyed the fascination of the festival for any of the participants. They came back strong in 1996 and they had brought further reinforcement. Jacob's brother, Svend, also wanted to feel the wonder of Roskilde. 


1996 was a turning point, with Svend joining the camp, Super's dreams about creating his own camp, got an energy boost. Therefore the group broke out of Zombie Birdhouse in 1996. 


Sut Mi Gola - bab l√łgposer was born that summer. The name is stolen from Dennis Bruun, who was / is a friend of the camp.¬†The name sounded silly enough to be used as a camp name.¬†


One year later, ambition and creativity reached a higher level. The four guys wanted to create the most spectacular and the most amazing camp at the festival. The joy of music, friends good company and openness to new members in Sut Mi Gola forced the camp forward. Simultaneously the surroundings had to be in order. As I remember it, the camp which was built, was unique for it's time. Now many camps have the same constuction. But in 1997, 2 pavilions roofed with a tarpaulin, was a new sight on the festival area. In addition you must also take into account, the beautiful front garden. It was surrounded by a fence with a garden gate, where a cowskull sat at the top, and looked out over the campsite.


Then Sut Mi Gola went from victory to victory. It was greatly expanded in number of persons. New faces came from home and abroad, and Sut Mi Gola therefore formed the framework, for an annual recurring event, where people from around the world met. Among nationalities who've been staying in Sut Mi Gola are visitors from England, Australia, USA, Croatia, South Africa, Finland and probably some that I can not think of now. 


In 2000, Svend went to the festival for the last time. In 2001 he became the proud father of a baby girl, and therefore wished to withdraw from Roskilde limelight. We are still some people, who hope that he is dropping by on a later occasion. 


Sut Mi Gola, however, continued undeterred, even though it was now in some other framework. Safety after the accident in 2000 had been tightened. This meant that we could no longer carry the materials to our beloved garden gate and fence. All parts of the construction was otherwise reused year after year. 


But it's not a front yard that determines, whether people can feel at ease. It is the excellent company you are always sure to enjoy in Sut Mi Gola. 


Today wonderful people, openness, celebration, humor and tons of good music is the heart and soul of Sut Mi Gola. Thanks to everyone who annually participates actively, so that Sut Mi Gola remains the best camp on the Roskilde Festival. I am extremely grateful for the community we have all built up! 


You know who you are!  


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