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Facts That You Don't Know About Our Teeth | Sydney Dentist

First off, let's talk about the things that we generally know about our teeth. We use them for biting, chewing, eating, pronouncing words correctly Will you be able (Try saying the word "freddie" without your bottom lip touching your top teeth), to look good in front of people (just imagine how you'd look without even a single a teeth), and, what else can we think of? So far, those are the ones we generally know. But, did you know that...

  • Teeth are also used as placeholders. In fact, Baby teeth hold a space in the jaw for the adult teeth. When a baby tooth is lost, right before the adult tooth is ready to erupt, a neighboring adult erupt into part of the extra space. And when the right permanent tooth suddenly erupts, there may not be enough room, and there may be not enough space for everyone, resulting into a crowded and crooked teeth structure.

  • Brushing to much may ruin your teeth. Basically, we all brush our teeth everyday, at least thrice daily, every after meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But if you brush more than that, you may scrub away your tooth enamel that becomes softer in the acidic environment secreted orally when you eat.

  • Sugar is not the only detrimental factor ruining your tooth. Foods and drinks like fruit juice and sour candy are also true suspects on decaying your teeth. In fact, Martha Keels, DDS, chief of pediatric dentistry at Duke’s Children’s Hospital, said that, citric acid is the worst acid for your teeth. Washing your teeth more of them each day would also mean saying goodbye to your teeth.

  • Too much fluoride is bad for kids? We all know for a fact that our teeth generally needs fluoride, but for children of ages 8 and below, swallowing fluoride in excessive amount is really bad as it leads to a condition known as fluorisis, which causes white spots that can even turn brown sometimes. Another bad thing is that, fluorisis stains are intrinsic and even a professional dentist cannot diminish them. Another thing, excessive flouride can even cause your teeth to become porous.

  • The most hardest substance in the body is enamel. However, it can be easily fractured depending on how we take care of our teeth. So, always take care of your teeth and avoid substances that may harm your teeth.

  • Using dental floss to clean in between your teeth and under your gum line is important, as it helps stimulate your gums health. As a matter of fact, according to Jeffrey Gross DDS, FAGD, a dentist from Cleveland, “The longer food stays in contact with the teeth and the gums, the easier it is to create problems.”

Unbelievably true, right? Anyway, our teeth is extremely important as it is not just "teeth", but their a part of our daily lives as a human. So, always take care of your teeth, read through dental blogs and many other related articles that may help increase your knowledge in taking care of your teeth, and never forget to have a regular dental check up with your Sydney dentist. There is nothing better than having an assurance that you know, you are taking really good care to your teeth. Always bear in mind, eating with the pleasure of using your teeth is better than eating without it.


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