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Why You May Need Dental Implants in Sydney?


Have you ever experienced being embarrassed in front of the crowd just because they notice your dentures moving while you are speaking? Or did you had that moment when you felt really shy to flaunt your smile in front of the camera because there are several gaps missing in your teeth? Let’s admit it, there is nothing more embarrassing than having two or more missing teeth in your smile. There is nothing more difficult than not being able to chew your food conveniently, or not being able to talk easily and comfortably.

If you are interested in dental implants, our Sydney Dentist friends can help you in choosing the best option suitable for your case. But first, here are the following reasons why you should be a candidate for dental implants:

Reasons why you should be a candidate for dental implant according to a Sydney Dentist:

  • Long term denture wearing- wearing dentures for a long period of time can cause bone shrinkage. This means that there is more probability that rapid ageing such as collapsed bite and sunken cheeks and lips might occur eventually.  Dental implant can prevent bone shrinkage because takes the place of natural tooth root as well as stimulates new growth of bones along the gum line.

  • One or several missing teeth- one underlying problem of having gaps in your teeth is that there are high risks of bone shrinkage, possible tilting and drifting of adjacent healthy teeth. Trapped food also caused a risk of tooth decay. In order to prevent this, dental implant can be an ideal solution especially if the offending gap is visible.

  • Trouble speaking, chewing and eating- dental implants creates an incredible strong platform to hold crowns. This means that it can withstand the pressure from everyday chewing and eating so that you can have the freedom to eat, talk and chew anything you want all day long.

Once you have decided to have dental implants, be sure to talk to your Sydney Dentist first so that he/she can discuss with you the process involved. Most dental implant surgery procedures are performed in the dentist’ office and occasionally in a hospital setting. Normally, the surgery procedure takes 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on how many implants will be used. It takes between 6-12 weeks for the implant to heal or for or for the implant to bond with the bone. Once the implant heals within your bone, it becomes a permanent fixture inside your jaw and allows you to avoid worrying about slippage or the need for adhesives. Moreover, most cases of implants has a 98% success rate.


How Much Does Dental Implant Costs?

Usually the cost of dental implant in Australia ranges from $4500 – $7500 per tooth implant. Although the cost are more expensive than any other procedures for tooth replacement, most insurance carriers covers parts of the general fees of the procedure. In Australia, healthcare companies offer help with plans of dental loans for over $25,000. Through this, you won’t have to worry about not being able to have a natural looking teeth. So if you are decided to have dental implants, go check out your local Sydney Dentist now and experience the convenience and comfort dental implants can bring not just in your oral health but in your overall well-being as well!

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