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Welcome to the original Tangobulldogs. First we would like to say, that we dont have anything at all to do with some new breeder calling themself Tangobulldogs. They bred Show Bulldogs, the English type. We are the original Tangobulldogs and has been since 2004. And we are still active with our training and our dogs. Also one thing I have to make clear for all who visit´s our website. The name Tangobulldogs dosen´t mean that we breed american bulldogs. My nickname is Tango. And since I believe that the BULLDOG is the best working dog ever created. I decided to take the word bulldog and place it after my name. Hence the name, Tangobulldogs! 


Secondly. We dont bred dogs and certainly not dogs for the show ring. If we do, it will only be to produce better workings dogs than we have now . We work our dogs in, weightpull, K9 sports, Ipo and of course obedience. We have had some different dogs through the last nine years. Both mix-dogs and purebred dogs. Fx, in no special order, an American bulldog/Great Dane mix, Purebred American Bulldog, Amstaff/Bullterrier mix, Purebred Rottweiler, Dogo Argentino/Bulldog mix and Great Dane/Doberman mix just too name a few. We have worked with all of our dogs. Some more succesfull than others. But all dogs who did not make the cut, got new homes.


For the moment, we have an 10month old Malinois Pup called Tango. We got him from a nice litle working knl in Denmark called Zerberuzdk We are very happy with this young and very promising puppy. He has very intence and high drive. He is very quick to learn, no need for big corrections during training at all. He has very nice stamina and a very good and solid bite. The future looks good for our litle Tango. He is a true member of our family and he has allready shown his protective side. Stay tuned for more updates....



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