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Hello everybody.

Welcome to my homepage, here u can watch some videos about characters as Devil jin, King and Steven. It is a pretty new homepage so there will come more on it later! Right now will there only be a few pages and videos. It could be nice if u would write on my guestbook about what u think about this page.

A bit about me and Tekken:

i have been playing tekken since tekken 4, i have always played with Devil Jin, Steven and King. I love their combos and skills. My absolute favorite og them are Devil Jin, i havent played tekken 6 so long, so alot of my characters are only 1 dan. When i started to play online did it lag alot, when it finally got better so was Playstation Network down.

I am a boy on 13 years and i love electronic, i play some other Ps3 games too like: Fifa 11, COD Black ops, Heroes, Killzone and Bioshock 2.

It could be nice if u would add my psn: Tingleffs so can we maybe play togheter or vs each other in some of this games

 If u have some wishes about some videos i should set it so mail me over Tingleffz@live.dk


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