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To simplify term paper writing, apply the commonly used words when asking questions: who, what, when,where, why and how.

Who. Who is the audience for your term paper writing? Consider that when doing your research. Make sure the topic is relevant and up-to-date, and something that is of importance.

What. What is your term paper all about? How relevant it is to your subject? What is the importance of finding research about this topic that will help benefit or give knowledge to people?

When. When do you plan to start? How long will you do the planning, research, writing, revising, and writing the final revision? Have a time table for doing your term paper, and stick to it faithfully, in order to meet the deadline set by the professor.

Where. Where are the things needed for your term paper, from papers to pens to book and your library card? Let those things be seen in an accessible place.

Why. Why did you chose that topic? If you haven't considered this question, now's the time to ask. A topic which is of relevance to you should spark your interest in doing your research.

How. How do you plan to write the term paper? Have a plan, from doing the research to finishing the last sentence of the term paper. Know what to research for, how to write it, how to ask for help, how to manage your time. In knowing this, you'll know how to proceed.

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