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Thyroid Blood Tests For Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Are not Often Dependable

Most people with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis are diagnosed with their situation through thyroid blood tests. This is typically completed via a high TSH, though it might also be confirmed via other thyroid blood tests. Furthermore, several folks with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis also are frequently good for thyroid antibodies (TPO, TGB). And although thyroid blood tests can be really beneficial in helping to diagnose a thyroid situation, relying solely on them like many endocrinologists as well as other kinds of health-related doctors do is actually a massive mistake.

There are a couple of factors why you can not rely solely on thyroid blood testing. The first purpose is because a lot of individuals are symptomatic, but have unfavorable thyroid blood tests. Often times these people are told nothing at all is incorrect with them, when it truly is apparent that some thing is. A single difficulty is that some physicians rely too a lot on the reference ranges for these thyroid blood tests. So as an example, if somebody receives a TSH, or any other blood test, and if they may be borderline negative, the physician will conclude nothing is wrong using the patient, even when they may be symptomatic. Some patients will just about beg for thyroid medication, but will be denied because their tests are unfavorable.

Thyroid Blood Tests Do not Determine The Lead to Of the Hypothyroid Situation

Despite the fact that thyroid blood tests regularly do a good job of diagnosing a thyroid condition (even though as talked about above, not usually), they typically do not figure out the actual result in from the thyroid disorder. In most cases of hypothyroidism, the malfunctioning thyroid gland isn't the actual trigger of the difficulty. This is the reason just giving synthetic or natural thyroid hormone does nothing at all for the lead to on the condition, because it just assists to handle the symptoms.

So how can 1 figure out the lead to of their hypothyroid condition? Properly, you can find several variables which can bring about the development of a thyroid situation. But one of essentially the most typical elements is weak adrenal glands, which can be a result of poor consuming, coping with chronic tension, and so on. For example, someone who eats a whole lot of refined foods and sugars will often create difficulties with their blood sugar levels. Even though this could lead to circumstances such as insulin resistance and diabetes, it typically will 1st compromise the adrenal glands, and may eventually bring about adrenal fatigue.

This may put the body within a state of catabolism, which implies the physique is going to be breaking down. The physique does a amazing job of adapting to such conditions, and in this situation it'll attempt to slow down this method. One of the key methods it'll attempt to accomplish this can be by slowing down the thyroid gland, which controls the metabolism in the body. Consequently, the thyroid gland will no longer create a "normal" quantity of thyroid hormone, which will result in a hypothyroid condition.

So within this instance, the ultimate goal must be to restore the function on the adrenal glands, which can be usually achieved via way of life adjustments, in addition to nutritional supplements and herbs. For example, the person who eats a good deal of refined foods and sugars will naturally need to make adjustments to their diet program. An individual who does a poor job of managing tension in their life will should work on this. And you will find also precise supplements and herbs for adrenal assistance.


This is just one particular example of how a hypothyroid condition can develop. But along with weakened adrenal glands, other affected places from the physique may also bring about a thyroid condition. A compromised immune method, a hormonal imbalance, and digestive troubles can all lead to troubles together with the thyroid gland.

What Tests Can Decide The Cause Of Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?

You can find many tests that can help identify the result in of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Here are several of them:

Test #1: Adrenal Stress Index (ASI). This test will help decide the state on the adrenal glands, because it uses four different saliva samples taken at different intervals to determine the output of cortisol according for the circadian pattern. Ideally you want the cortisol levels to be higher in the morning and to decrease throughout the day. Numerous men and women with adrenal issues have low cortisol levels in the morning, and some have a reversed pattern where these levels are high at night. Either way, if it really is determined that a person has either low cortisol upon awakening or high cortisol upon going to bed, they can be put on the appropriate protocol to help fix this issue, which in several cases will help restore the function of their thyroid gland.

Test #2: Hormone Panel. Numerous folks with hypothyroidism/Hashimito's Thyroiditis also have a hormonal imbalance. Among the biggest troubles causing or contributing to these circumstances is estrogen dominance, which involves an imbalance in the hormones estrogen and progesterone. A male or female hormone panel will figure out the ratio of these hormones, plus will also give the levels of other important hormones too. Remember that the hormones are interactive, and so an imbalance with one particular hormone can affect other hormones, and so this test might be incredibly useful in correcting any hormone imbalances you may have.

Test #3: Hair Mineral Analysis. A hair mineral analysis is a great test for detecting issues at the cellular level, including a deficiency in any minerals you may have. Even though this can be a superb test to do for those who already have a thyroid condition, it can also be beneficial for detecting a thyroid situation before the blood tests for thyroid become positive. In other words, it can potentially detect a developing thyroid situation so that you can take the necessary steps to prevent it from becoming "full blown". This really is an excellent test to have accomplished on children since it really is easy and non-invasive.

Test #4: Tests for Nutritional Deficiencies. Although a nutritional deficiency may not directly result in the improvement of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, a single or more nutritional deficiencies definitely can contribute for the formation of a thyroid situation. For instance, many people with thyroid situations have deficiencies in iodine, Vitamin D, Magnesium, the B vitamins, and have other nutritional and mineral deficiencies. And as talked about before, a hair analysis can detect deficiencies in some of the more important minerals that are important to thyroid health.

How Can You Obtain These "Alternate" Tests?

Obviously not all of these tests is going to be needed for everyone with hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Some individuals will require only one of these tests, although others will must obtain multiple tests. As for how you can obtain one or more of these other "alternative" tests, you needless to say can attempt to contact certain labs that will allow non-doctors to order them, especially with regards to the ASI, hormone panel, and hair analysis. I personally use a company called Diagnos-techs for the ASI and hormone panel, as they have a great reputation and haven't let me down so far.

You can generally test yourself for several nutritional deficiencies on your own. By way of example, the company Direct Labs has a website you can visit where you can order a Vitamin D blood test (25-hydroxy vitamin D test), test your magnesium levels, and so forth. Since numerous individuals are iodine deficient you may possibly decide to order an iodine loading test, which you can obtain from Hakala Labs. Click here

With regards to the other tests, it's normally best to consult with a competent natural endocrine medical professional, as besides being able to order the tests for you, they obviously will also know which particular tests are needed. They will do this based on your case history, symptoms, and also other aspects.

In summary, although everyone with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis must receive the conventional thyroid blood tests, including a single for thyroid antibodies to establish whether they have an autoimmune disorder, you also really should look into having 1 or more of these other tests I talked about in this article. Doing so will help determine what the cause of your thyroid situation is, and will greatly improve the chance of restoring your health back to standard by way of a all-natural hypothyroid treatment protocol.

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