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Please feel free to watch my and my wifes little YuleTide YouTube "show" just click the banner for
Playlist with all trailers, alerts and Episode 1.

You can post questions on YouTube and Facebook for
Ask Yuletide Tom


Episode 2 will be coming soon, that is if we feel like it, and get some more questions.

I am still
number 1 on the ReverbNation Indie charts for Denmark 
thank you for all your kind support for the music and videos on my artist profile.


I have also joined my friend Ann Mimoun, and she is forming a new band, called "Vintage Circus" please check out our Facebook, news, music, videos and tour dates for 2014 will be posted there: Vintage Circus


We have just had our first band & management meeting with Preben Steen Nielsen from "VERDENSFIRMAET", who have kindly offered his help managing "Vintage Circus." We hope to be able to go on the road in March 2014, and plan to record 2 demo's and maybe a small live video, to promote the band.

Because Ann & Preben are so awesome, I decided to give them Ask YuleTide Tom's "Christmas Sock of Awesomeness 2013", they were very happy.


I have known Ann Mimoun for years, and have had the privillege to share stage on several occasions since 2009, where she gave an amazing performance with Claus Audiosaucer, who is also part of "Vintage Circus", as special guest at "Towel Day i Vejle 2009".

You can check out "Planet Make Belive"  on youtube, or on SoundCloud.

Please check out the artists on my label here on ReverbNation  as well.

Kind regards

Thomas F. Kortholm - TFK Global Management/Promotion


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I am still working on a danish translation of
"The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure."

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