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Junior Bridesmaid Dresses wanted.It ok.

A hoot and a holler I have three words for ya!Feel better!So there ya have it.The past year i have lost 70lbs(Only 10 more to go)On a wonderful program that really helped me.Cannot explain how good it feels to have the energy to chase my little culprit around!Am now working for the company as a health coach.Am having a blast helping other people get healthy too.Want that to change.Youngest no longer naps and there went the time to do anything creative.Of my new years resolutions is to start blogging regularly again.Do miss it.Had a lovely christmas We stayed here in nyc.Was sick but we made the best of it.We plan to start the new year off with church, Homecoming Dresses UK home made chicken noodle soup, and a new years party later in the afternoon. Happy new year!It been a looooooooooong winter.New york has been dumped on over and over.We have not had a winter like this in a long time.There is so much snow that they have not been able to collect the trash regularly.It pretty gross.I cannot wait till spring.I have not been able to post on my blog much.My family has been suckin up all my time.How dare they.The hlights from the new year till now are: For christmas my sweet husband gave me the best gift ever!I get one day off a month for a whole year!I had my day last month and came home feeling so rejuvenated.I spent the day reading in a cafe, getting my nails done, going to a movie(The black swan), window shopping(In 12 degree temps)Taking myself out for chinese food and back to the cafe for some more reading.I didn com home till 10:00PM!The kids were in bed and the house was clean so i watched a movie with my husband.When i finally had this day to myself i realized how much i really do need to just be alone once in a while.It was delightful. My christmas gift to my husband was"One fabulous meal"A month for him and any friends he chooses for the year.Last month he invited a friend over and his request was"Chicken fried steak" (Being the texan that he is).I had never made it or even tasted it myself.They said it was"Perfect".I also made mashed potatos and sage gravy, collard greens, and molton chocolate cake for desert.I didn eat any of it myself.It took a few hours to cook it all and it was gone in just Formal Evening Dresses UK a few minutes.I think that a good sign. My little one turned two!I can hardly believe it.We threw her a little party with a few friends.It was so cute how much she really understood.This girl is growing so fast and she is the perfect combination of dainty and scrappy.I will post about her birthday soon. I went to the eye doctor and discovered that i need reading glasses.My mother told me this would happen at about my age.I tried on about 75 pair and finally found some that i really love.My middle child is thrilled to have me join her in"The glasses club". I have been really trying to take better care of myself this year.I started a health program in november and so far i have lost 35lbs.I feel so much better.I have energy that i haven had in years.Now, i am chasing my crazy family around instead of being ran over by them.I cannot tell you how excited i am to buy some cute spring clothes.And jeans that make my butt look cute.All i ever wanted was a cute butt!I also look forward running this spring.I use to run a lot but since i have had extra baby weight on me i hesitated because i am afraid of injuring myself.I am going to start running in april and do the 5k revlon run in june. So, that what new around here.Probably more information than you ever Junior Bridesmaid Dresses wanted.It ok.I get it.Don talk about yourself, just shut up and creat a tutorial.I can do that.I went to a baby shower for a good friend the other day.A little girl born in march.It prompted Me to get out the sewing machine(After months ofNot sewing anything).I made soMe appliqued shirts and a few dresses(Post to coMe).I have to say, sewing spring clothes and working with light, colorful fabric really got Me excited to sew more.I think my next"Me"Day will be spent in front of my sewing machine. (Or staring at my new butt: )Here they are with mrs claus at macys santa land.Little one wantedNothing to do with santa, the elves, or any of them!Tried to engage her and she yelled at him"No!No!No! "And shoved his hand off her leg.Is a little strange when you think about it.Guess i can blame her. The two big girls were willing participants.I loved most this year is that my older two did not get caught up in the latest"Hot"Toy on the market.6 year old asked for a guitar and my nine year old asked for a digital camera.Each got some books, art supplies, sparkly sneakers, wii games, and a few other things.Year we spent less than we have in a while and they didn even seem to notice or care.Was refreshing. We ended up ordering our christmas tree online this year.You live in nyc you end up paying about $120 for a 7 foot tree that has been standing on a street corner for a few weeks.Years tree came from a tree farm in new hampshire.Paid $70 including shipping.Called the tree farm onSunday, it was chopped down monday morning, and it was in our living room on wednesday.Was sooooooo incredibly fresh.Whole house smelled divine.Will definitely do this again next year.Are stranded.Are stranded.Cannot push a stroller at all.Just say we are going a little stir crazy.Yep!No time to think.No time to care.I a mother of three.I love halloween but when it lands on a weekend it is a three day event.Friday night was the school halloween party.Everyone dressed up and there was a dj.We had a great time.It was funny watching all of these fourth graders and how seriously they take their dancing!A little glimps into the future(One that i am not ready for).Saturday, another party.Sunday.Trick or trating and the halloween parade.Needless to say, i glad it over.

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