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Since it was the first day of no rain in many days, the hubby and I were on a mission to find a good burger joint with outdoor seating. We happened to be in Redwood City so, as always, we turned to Yelp and found Talk of Broadway Redwood City.

Parking was a breeze on the street and 'yeah' for no meters on Sunday! There was plenty of seating outside and we plopped ourselves at a table under a heater. The table was big and there was enough room that we didn't feel crowded every time someone passed us on the sidewalk. The chairs weren't very comfortable though and the hubby had to steal one from another table which still didn't work too well for him.

Talk of Broadway Redwood City There was an abundance of help - I think we were waited on by four different people, all of whom were very nice. I had the chili cheese burger (of course) and the hubby was delighted to find they had his favorite sandwich, the Monte Cristo. My burger was served open face with a mound of chili, cheddar cheese and onions. I could have done without the burger (which didn't impress me) but the chili was delicious. I also like that they don't salt their fries. The hubby enjoyed his MC except they made it with cheddar instead of Swiss. They also had pretty much any hot sauce you could think of which is a big bonus in my book.

Next time I have a bowl of chili with fries and the hubby has his MC with Swiss, but there will definitely be a next time.

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