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Air purifier is actually very effective or not

Choosing an air purifier can be a difficult task. Since most of their work is undetectable to human senses, it's not easy to say whether or not one is actually very effective without looking at the science behind the purifier.

HEPA air filters use a mat of glass fibres to trap up to 99.7% of air contamination, including natural sources such as pollens, and pollutions from cigarette smoke, vehicles, etc. They are highly specialised and designed to block particles 0.3 micrometers in diameter, which the human respiratory system is not very good at blocking.

Unlike many other available filters, Hepa Air Purifier Reviews filters are designed to actually clean the air of all contaminants, rather than merely making the dust settle, as ionizers tend to do, or targeting only one type of pollutant, such as pollen.


The importance of filtering as much pollution from the air as possible is paramount; using a filter targeted at only one area leaves the body vulnerable to attack from other unfriendly substances and does little to solve the problem. A filter which blocks pollens may solve obvious problems for someone suffering from hay fever, but will fail to prevent bacterial spread, viruses, or toxins in the air.

The HEPA's filtering system is also superior to others in its highly efficient cleaning method; a fan is used in order to draw the air of a room/area into the purifier, and then the air is dragged through the mat of glass, trapping most contaminating substances. This means the Clean Air Delivery Rate is fast; it provides clean air at a good speed, and will quickly capture any disturbed dust. The filter can be removed and cleaned to increase efficiency of the can be found here Clearly, they have been carefully designed to offer the most efficient and multi-use product possible. As they were first invented in 1940 as part of the World War Two effort, they have a long history of successful products, and the researchers behind the filters have had plenty of time to work out the best possible ways of cleaning air.

This is one of the reasons for which HEPA filters are the standard for industries; hospital operating theatres, plants working with chemicals such as lead, and commercial greenhouses all use them to keep the air pure. If they work for environments where clean air is so important, evidently, they also have uses in the home; what could be more important than keeping as much pollution as possible from the lungs and body?

All in all, though they cost more, HEPA filters offer a greatly superior performance to most other available air filters, both in efficiency and effectiveness, and can greatly benefit people's health around the home as well as helping prevent cross-contamination in many areas of industry. For more information click here
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