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What's so wrong about it?

If there is one thing on this planet which I could change, or somehow make acceptable, it would without a doubt be the lives of young people trying to find themselves comfortable with who they are. It has become more common for young people to take their lives, because the pressure from the people around them becomes unbareable. It's mostly referred to young men, since the idea of two women isn't repulsive. If you enter any poster store, or any other kind of store which sells magazines, you will find, not tons but many pictures of two women together, but not a single one with men, how come there's this major difference, being homosexual is the same for women as it is for men.


Gay people are all around the media, and on the outside it seems accepted, but underneath, it's just as oppresed, as it's always been. Streaming the youtube, you'll find a lot of clips of gay men either kissing, touching or simply acting like a couple, and some of the comments made, would put any person to shame, that this world can be this judgmental is beyond my believes.



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