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For a wedding register to include furniture ie I have seen registry's with cars on them.I think it was a joke, but i found it to be a little rude.When Evening Dresses Australia i got married my motherinlaw said to put anything you want on it.Our line of thinking was to put things on it that we normally wouldn't buy for ourself or that we would need and couldn't afford.I was a little leary of putting expensive things on it too because My family has never had much money.However, hers has always been fairly well off.One thing you can do is to have more than one registry.Have one for"My family"And one for"Her family".That way you won't offend anyone by asking for things that they can't afford. I say sure as long you are absolutely positve the people attending the wedding can afford those type of gifts.A friend of mine recently got married and requested very expensive items that i don't think that she would have bought Dresses Australia if she had the money.Her wedding was out of state, so there were travel expenses for most of the guests too.Trust me, there was a lot of grumbling behind her back.But, if you are sure that the people attending your wedding were planning on spending that much i say go for it. I would say that lamps are almost always fine and inexpensive, small furntiture is usually fine, but you shouldn have your registry be full of expensive furniture pieces.You should also consider what furniture you already have and try to avoid any duplications so you don run the risk that your guests feel like you are using them for the complete furnishing of your new home.

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