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The Ugly Truth about Junefer Ann Gomez

If you're an online marketer looking to for freelancers to hire in Upwork, stay away from Junefer Ann Gomez. This freelancer has been caught trying to scam money out of her client's pocket using a very simple modus operandi that involves the use of two PayPal accounts. Here's how Junefer Ann Gomez almost scammed her way to get money.

It all started on May 5, 2015 when Junefer Gomez requested to get some money from her then employer and eventual victim, Kherk Roldan. According to Kherk, Junefer has had previous transactions with him before and he felt secure with the idea of giving her money. Junefer received PHP 7,695 worth of cash from Kherk Roldan in her bank account. Everything seemed to be going well until Kherk Roldan received an e-mail from PayPal indicating that he received PHP 8100 worth of cash from Junefer Gomez's PayPal account that may have not been authorized by her.

When Kherk Roldan decided to get to the bottom of the situation, he was shocked to find out that he has already been blocked by Junefer Gomez on Facebook. Luckily, Junefer Gomez was still reachable through her e-mail address. For the next 44 days, the two were locked in a cycle in which they exchanged e-mails where Junefer kept making excuses to avoid paying her debt and Kherk getting left high and dry. On June 18, 2015, Kherk Roldan had enough of Junefer Gomez's games and published a blog revealing the details of their online altercation.


The internet is full of scam alert junefer ann people who are willing to take advantage of your trust, and this is just a junefer ann gomez scammer alert reminder of that fact. Junefer Ann Gomez is one of these untrustworthy people in the online marketing industry. If you have a chance business encounter with her, it's best to stay away from her.

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