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Knowledge base technology campus. This two days, from Zhejiang province each city, County Forestry Bureau of forest of more than 40 Weifei professional forestry management cadre sits in the Zhejiang agriculture and forestry university classroom, listen to experts. By the forestry department commissioned this year, Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University to continue to hold the non Lin professional forestry cadre training class, a move that forestry cadre who also have the opportunity to go back to school to receive professional learning. Giving play to the discipline personnel bird spike undertake non Lin professional forestry cadre training class, only Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University Service of modern agriculture and forestry talents of numerous initiatives. As the only Zhejiang agricultural and Forestry University, in recent years, Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University in strengthening the agricultural cultivation of professional personnel, research of agricultural science and technology at the same time, and actively carry out social service work, by recruiting agroforestry backbone school learn skills, select expert to basic level hands to pass the means such as the technology, as the province of modern agriculture and forestry talents to provide a full range of services. In addition to the ongoing non Lin professional forestry management cadre training class, these days, in Zhejiang province to help the poor business training class, the first youth entrepreneurship quality training is also like a raging fire to the school. These training courses held throughout Zhejiang 's grass-roots cadres, ordinary farmers provides further learning opportunities. Not only to hold groom class, make technology bait station to the grass-roots units. In the county of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University experts such as Yu Xiaohong, once in a while to the county Tianhong bamboo Limited company, for the company's employee transmission technology, the development of the company to provide technical support. Under the guidance of experts, Tianhong bamboo took the lead in fully automatic " electrostatic spray painting " line, improve product quality and efficiency. " Is the master of innovation and technology experts, to help our enterprises to accurate market positioning, our company can have today. " Tianhong bamboo Limited company people in charge said. While in Wencheng County, Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University of Chen Yonggen, Shao Qingsong and other two teachers, organization of Wencheng County excellent local talent to set up comprehensive quality promotion training class, this is also the first to Wencheng County higher education talents centralized training. Students are mainly Wencheng County excellent local talent, including tea, flower seedlings, fruits and vegetables, ecological culture, Chinese herbal medicine, agricultural marketing and other planted (raise) large family, the person in charge of the enterprise and other 40 people. Training classes opened " agricultural policy and modern agriculture trend ", " the safety of agricultural products and deep processing ", " leisure agriculture and brand building ", " agricultural product packaging and marketing " and other 4 lectures, guided local talent of modern forestry development road. "The modern forestry development to cultivate talents, it is our responsibility and obligation. In recent years, our school is not only pay attention to scientific research work, pay more attention to the lab's bird netting results for promotion, will be related to technology transfer to the line of farming ability personnel. " Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University Social Cooperation Division Director Dai Wensheng said. Up to now, Zhejiang agriculture and forestry university professors have been to more than 500 items of scientific research, spreading in Zhejiang's rural land, and the related techniques taught to Zhejiang modern agriculture and forestry industry backbone, and has for the local people, new increase production is worth more than 50 billion.
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