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Crying fans

“There was this one time Justin was at his most fragile. It was March 15th and we were on the bus, coming back home from a concert. He was really quiet and tired and we all know bieber is never like that. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he saw a couple girls crying outside the arena he performed at today. I thought to myself, so many girls cry over him every day, why is he bothered about these particular two? I said to him that girls all over the world cry over him every minute. He asked me why I thought girls cry over him and I just assumed it was because they love him, so then I asked him why they were crying. He said they were crying because they didn’t have enough money to buy his concert tickets but they will wait until the end of their lives to hear him sing. My eyes started to fill up and so were Justins but I continued asking because it seemed like something deeper was bothering him. He then said to me that the girls said “Justin, do you remember the time when you said you couldn’t fall in love with someone because you don’t know them personally? So how can we be so deeply in love with you?” Then he said the girls started to cry some more. I didn’t know what to say, because I had never seen him like this. He always knew what to say or do but he just put his head on my shoulder. He put his cap over his face so no one would see him like that, I knew he was crying because I could feel his heavy breathing. In about 40 minutes, he fell asleep and at that very moment… I knew he was a regular person, like you and I. I didn’t answer him that day, because I didn’t know what to say.” - Kenny Hamilton.

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