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Rimiclip no tool child cabinet locks coming soon - New York Motherhood

Babyproofing a house is no easy task, and it's even more difficult when screwdrivers, screws and drills are involved. Traditional child cabinet safety locks require parents to drill holes and use tools to install them, thereby damaging cabinets in the process. Wouldn't it be great to have child cabinet locks that require no tools?

Rimiclip is a child resistant cabinet lock that securely installs in seconds with no tools required.


Rimiclip is a new invention by Erik Hansen, a designer, inventor, maker, and builder.Rimiclip installs instantly on almost any cabinet, requires no tools or screws and causes no permanent damage to cabinet doors or frames. The accompanying video shows how easy it is to install and use Rimiclip. Simply slide it onto the cabinet door. Rimiclip is strong and stays put. The soft rubber lining protects doors and cabinet frames while also providing plenty of grip.

Hansen will be funding the project through crowdfunding. Note that this is not a conceptual product like many other crowdfunded projects. Rimiclip is ready to go to production once enough funds are raised. Crowdfunding donors will receive their products once production begins. See the crowdfunding page at for details on various participation levels.


Hopefully parents will see Rimiclip in the bekijk website market soon to alleviate the frustration that often comes along with installing traditional child cabinet locks that require tools and a lot of time.

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