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Now Playing: Pope Francis Allows Priests to Forgive Women Who Had Abortions

150902_ntl_pope_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: Inside the Ranch Where Glamping Can Cost at Least $10,000 a Week

150902_ntl_ranch_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: Hulk Hogan Asks Fans for Forgiveness Over Racial Slur Scandal

150901_ntl_hulk_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: Why Serena Williams Doesn't Feel slotenmaker amsterdam west Pressure Ahead of US Open Title Bid

150901_ntl_serena_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: Meet the Judge Who Went Viral For His Creative Punishments

150901_ntl_judge_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: What Virginia On-Air Shooting Survivor Remembers About the Incident

150829_ntl_shooting_0339_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: 'Warlords of Ivory': Tracking Ivory After Elephant Kills

150829_ntl_tusks_0403_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: Celine Dion's Return to the Stage in Vegas

150829_ntl_celine_dion_0353_16x9t_384.jpNow Playing: Prep School Rape Trial Goes to the Jury

150828_ntl_owen_labrie_1239_16x9t_384.jpNow Playing: Boy Describes Being Hit By Plane on the Beach

150828_ntl_survivor_0104_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: Radio Host Elvis Duran Details Dramatic Weight Loss

150828_ntl_elvis_duran_1252_16x9t_384.jpNow Playing: How Rachel Roy's Looks Reach Michelle Obama to Kim Kardashian

150827_ntl_fashion_0104_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: Virginia On-Air Shooting: New Details on What Happened

150827_ntl_shooting_1239_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: Jared Fogle Agrees to Plead Guilty to Child Porn Charges

150820_ntl_jared_1239_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: Alleged Prep School Rape Victim Breaks Down on the Stand

150821_ntl_owen_labrie_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: In Baltimore, Hometown Heroes Quietly Try to Turn Things Around

150819_ntl_baltimore_1239_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: 'Save My Life': When Heart Burn Becomes Heart Attack

150820_ntl_health_0103_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: Alleged Synthetic Identity Fraud Victims Speak Out in Undercover Investigation

150818_ntl_fraud_1239_16x9t_384.jpgNow Playing: This Natural Slip N' Slide Waterfall Looks Awesome and Terrifying



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