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At galaxy s4 active makes popular samsung phone more durable At galaxy s4 active makes popular samsung phone more durable Its dustproof, and water repellent, though you have to give any focus on be overly confident in its water resistant ability as it's not truly waterproof. The phone can go into a meter or water for approximately 30 minutes;Reveal shoot underwater photos and video.Before submerging the iphone, guarantee the backplate is on tight and the charging port is covered up this is critical if you want it to survive these water adventures. I used this phone at the spray park Pandora Jewellery and at the lake, and it was pretty beautiful on both accounts.It took a few dips and it handled plenty of water playing on it during my time using it, and the phone was not impacted at all in terms of performance. So generally, this phone offers the uniqueness of some water capability but do not think it's a true"Rough phone"Like the casio commando and others out there which is not. This may be the biggest decision potential gs4 active buyers need to make as you have one place to get this phone.It's an at unique, so competitors' customers had to leave verizon, sprint or t mobile to have this edition of the gs4. During my time with the htc desire, at network did wonders for me overall in terms of call quality and data speeds, but in some areas verizon's 4g network may be superior.That's an individual choice based on how things work for each individual, and the decision about be it worth it to make the move to at won't be the same for everyone. But when you really need Pandora Rings Australia the active edition of the gs4, you would move to at if you're not already there. You get most recent android os from google, operating system 4.2 aka jello Bean.It's the most easily customizable and easy to use os i've seen on the latest crop of smartphones, and you get full google intergrated, plus easy access to email, appointments, programs, and a lot more. Web scouting around is very fluid and fast, even when multi tasking, and even folks who aren't smartphone experienced shouldn't take long to work out how this system operates. The gs4 active also contains"Cunning"Unique selling points such as air view, air body language, smart pause which are mostly gimmicky but still pretty cool in the mean time.Air view lets you hover your fingers over files for really fast preview;Air gesture lets you skip ahead by waving you over your device;And smart pause lets you pause video searching away. Here's the place sacrifice some on the active.You get an 8 mp Pandora Beads Australia shooter vs.A 13 megapixel shooter on the totally normal gs4.So you primarily have the gs3 camera, plus the cool under the sea shooting ability.The number of megapixels isn't always it is important, but you can see some difference.Most people may well not care too much. You also will not be able to shoot simultaneously with the front and back cameras, that is kind of a gimmicky feature anyway. The water proofing on the camera is great if you're an outdoorsy type;You take it wherever you go without too much worry splashes of water or an intermittent submersion won't hurt the active.It's also good resistance against everyday liquid spills. One the truth check:Water will affect quality of photo clarity if it gets decorated, so keep that lens as clean as it can. The facing to the rear camera is 8mp with autofocus and led flash and 4x zoom;Front side camera is 2 mp. You also get all the usual camera options from the galaxy line such as wide screen panorama ability and best photo, which lets you shoot multiple photos and pick the best one. Most samsung fans will still likely go with the standard gs4, but if you are an outdoorsy type willing to sacrifice in the camera department and plan to be around water and additional factors risky to phones, the active is an excellent option, provided you are prepared to go to at or are a current at customer. It's a niche product guaranteed, but one that achieves its goal pretty well.You still get almost all top notch gs4 specs, just with a little more durability and water proof.This type of internet online affiliate marketing is part of the reason samsung has seen so much success in recent years, and the active will no doubt result in that success.

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