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hey there, my name is Tsukanoto Kishimoto, i'm 14 years old and my biggest dream is to become a mangaka. i have made this wepside to show all of your my drawings and artwork ^^

all kind of Manga: is a gallery with a lot of diffrent drawings, but mostly fanart.



Soul Guardian - Gallery: a gallery where I put pictures from the soul guardian as I develop in collaboration with Rika Araki and isaberura


like this: which is the frontpage for soul guardian (v.2, i started over but all the picture in the galleri is from v.1)

you are welcome to comment the picture or/and write in my guestbook

and the news page is for all the news of cause (but i'm not very good to update)^^

i hope you enjoy the wepside^^ by the way: when i first made this wepside i made it in danish and because of that somethings are still writen in danish..... 

Tsukanoto Kishimoto

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Soul Guardian - Gallery
Magical Moon - Gallery
All kind of manga