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1.A great game play experience from a UFFXIV's loyal customer I am a FFXIV veteran, have been playing ffxiv since 1.0. I love the game and have dozens of friends in game. We have spent plenty of pleasant time in game and out of game together. I would like to share my experience with you. In this game or other games, gear isn’t hard to get, what’s hard is to train your play skill. Others can help you with gear or you buy it. I have been buying FFXIV GIL andffxiv powerleveling from UFFXIV.com, it is easy and fast. But play skill is difficult to improve, because you are on your own, no one can help you and you can’ t just simply buy it like ff14 gil. It takes time and effort, without good play skill, you can not enjoy the game by yourself and can not find good friends in game. My goal about play skill is all my frigers know their jobs, know when to press which key on keyboard or controller to use which skill, neither a second early nor late. When fighting bosses, you can feel your fingers dancing on the keyboard without making any mistakes. It would be incredibly hot!! When can I ever play like that? Sigh, even though I have been playing so long, still feel not good enough. Some of you maybe already can, and think it’s nothing, it’s easy, please don’t. It needs A LOT of practice, for me it does anyway. Play skill comes first than gear, without very god gear but extremely high play skill, you can handle most of the fights, but if your play skill isn’t good, even if you have the best gear in game, it would only be such a waste of the gear. So play skill is very important, and I will keep practicing till my fingers can dance on keyboard! Do you agree with me? Let our fingers dance on keyboards together and enjoy the ffxiv game.

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