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Who here is also burned out from Final Fantasy XIV farming?

OK I'm really objective now I know I can complain alot but this time its just focusing on the following.

How can we get FFXIV Gil Yoshi P to listen to our concern here?

Only 2 Ex Roulette dungeons that you do over and over and over again due to how fast you hit 60. We are farming Alex gears now as an alternatives but the new currency will replace Alex gear within time making Alex more of a chore to raid and do alex 1-4 weekly over and over again. Same goes for Ravanna Ex and Bismark Ex. It only means if you have lets say 2 main jobs if you get the new weapons with the new currency you pretty much made Ravanna ex and bismark ex useless aside from helping a friend etc. This has become way to repetative due to lack of variety of endgame content to do in my opinion.

Is everyone here just accepting this and litterly isnt bored out by this feel free to discuss. I can't be the only one feeling like this or am i?

Everything you just said I completely agree with.....but what I do not get is how WoW comes out with 8 new dungeons and 2 new raids from the launch of WoD for level 100 as a form of hard mode and SE only can come out with 2 dungeons and 4 floors that only have 1 boss per floor for the current raid content for max level.....I just dont get it? I can understand doing this for ARR since it was a remake and they wanted to play it save but with the current player base being so high would it have been that hard to add in maybe like just 2 HM Dungeons in the mix on top of Fractal and Neverreap and least to give us more cheap ffxiv gil variety instead of doing it 6 months from now? Only 2 things that I want....stop limiting players on what they can do and just some more variety for the expert roulette.....

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