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Zodiac Weapon Questline needs a Final Fantasy XIV Massive Overhaul

We're in Final Fantasy XIV Gil Heavensward now. There are plenty of weapons far superior to the Zodiac Zeta, so the only reason anyone would ever do this quest now is for the glamour. I am at Atma and have already spent more time doing this than should be necessary. First book. Yeah, I know. I'm not that far, but this is a completely over the top grind.

First book and all I have left are three fates. These three fates have an incredibly long spawn time. Giant Seps is the first one I tried. I looked into it and this has been an issue for over a year. SE has not bothered to fix it. When it finally spawned, I couldn't do it. There's no one out there doing this anymore, so I will never be able to complete it. We could be a few more years into this "game" with another expansion or two and at the current level of care SE shows for these quests and the players in general, the early zodiac quests could just be outright forgotten and never done. Meanwhile, people with zetas who got them a long time ago are getting even more in 3.1. People without probably won't get that far. You need gold on these fates. Even if I could solo Seps, I wouldn't have gotten gold. I'm not going to ask random people for help because they're not going to get anything out of it. It's purely for my own weapon and it's not even going to add to my stats. It's a selfish job.

Considering the Dark Knight aura still hasn't been addressed by any proper people from Square and how a community rep outright lied about how to spawn an incredibly rare fate like Giant Seps, and the existence of the new scrip system, I don't expect a fix. Old content is brushed aside while the new stuff that came from that old content is being made. How long before even low level dungeons can't be done anymore? 

Throw the overused term "entitled" around all you want buy ffxiv gil, but I don't subscribe to this game to wait for fates I can't do. And this is 9 books. I can't even complete one because of the artificial nature of fates and the fact that these things are almost not done at all. The solution? When 3.1 comes out, just let us get to zeta very quickly. It's not like the current final form is incredibly powerful anymore. It hasn't been for a long time. There's absolutely no good reason whatsoever the quests should be like this. Any other glamour in this game can be gotten by farming some tomes for a while or making it. This glamour requires you to waste your time for hours to weeks with no progress. It shackles you to the game at the time it's time to do rare fates and you can't even do anything else while waiting for an attempt at them. Just remove the fate requirements for the questline and it will be acceptable. Coerthas is nigh devoid of fate parties now, as is the rest of the game. Not because they're done with quests related to them, but because the exp reward is also very low.

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