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Final Fantasy XIV XP rewards from high level roulette

This post is mainly directed towards the dev Final Fantasy XIV team but I'd appreciate community feedback too.

I feel like the xp reward from high level roulette needs boosting. While I understand that there will always be one best dungeon to spam per level for xp. It is nice to have the roulette rewards to break up the grind a bit and add some variety. With low level roulette you get a similar amount of xp to doing a full heavensward dungeon run with a little variation from ffxiv gil dungeon to dungeon. With high level roulette we're missing the enemy and boss xp, plus getting a lower bonus due to being closer to the dungeon level. These factors make high level roulette vastly inferior to just running a normal heavensward dungeon. At the moment unless you're a new lv50 player trying to gear up pre-heavensward content, there's pretty much no real reason to ever go in to high level roulette, which is a shame because half of the ARR dungeon content is effectively going to waste.

I'm not saying that high level roulette xp should be outstripping a heavensward dungeon's xp, but I think it'd be a great idea if you could make the XP comparable to low level roulette that high level roulette's are worth doing again.

Thanks for reading, if you agree with this hit "like" so the staff have some idea how much support this idea has.

Even though I wouldn't say no to a higher exp bonus (lol who would ^^), I still do high level roulette everyday because while mobs don't give exp, all the instances are heavily outgeared (even if synced down to i110) and are basically a 15 minute speedrun. It's true the Final Fantasy XIV 3.0 dungeons give more Cheap FFXIV Gil exp, but it usually takes a good bit longer to clear them, especially if you kill every mob.

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