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FFXIV BRD can cross class MNK's Second Wind

Currently, UFFXIV DRG, NIN, and BRD can cross class MNK's Second Wind. BLMs can cross class Physick from SCH/SMN, and even all 3 tank classes have some form of self-healing. I've noted it many times, but Machinists are the only job that currently has no form of self heals.

This is not a complaint thread, and not having it does not completely ruin the job for me. I still main it and enjoy it. But I would like to know if SE is aware of this, and more importantly, do they plan to address/change it? The easy answer would be to make exception for FFXIV MCH and allow Second Wind to be cross-classed, but that could easily open the "why doesn't MY job also get a third cross class option?" can of worms. That aside, I would very much love an official response on the subject.

The job performs fine as it is, but having access to a on-the-spot self heal (with a decent cooldown, of course) would ALWAYS be welcome for that moment's misstep, that "I was out of that!"-But lag says otherwise aoe, when Healer-chan is overtasked or perhaps went picking flowers/their nose, or is licking the window for buffs, or my personal favorite, the FFXIV Gil RNG Mechanical Jackpot (Getting rayed by the boss in A4 while also getting targeted by the sniper bits or soaking orbs is kind of a fun "living on the edge" moment. Don't you think?)

So, Machinists; No Self Heals. Oversight? Intentional? Plans to change that?

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