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Frequently Asked Questions of Blade and Soul

When will the English release be released?

January 19th, 2016!!!

Where will the servers be for the English release?

There will be two servers available in the English release. The North American server will be situated in Dallas, Texas, and the European server will be in Frankfurt, Germany.

Will the English release be Censored?


What version of Blade & Soul will the English release use?

The English release will be using the latest skill set as used in the various Asian versions. We will also have the story unlocked to the end of the 3rd part. More information can be found here.

What classes will we have access to?

We will have access to Blade Master, Blade Dancer, Kung Fu Master, Force Master, Summoner, Assassin and Destroyer, with the help of Blade And Soul Items. We will not have access to Warlock or Qi Master on release, but it will be added at a later time through content updates.

What will the level cap be?

The level cap will initially by 45. This will be changed at a later time through content updates.

Will it be Pay to Win?

The English release of Blade & Soul will not be Pay to Win. The Cash shop can be used to purchase things such as Costumes, basic consumables, inventory expansions and other simple things like that. Nothing that can give a player an edge over an other.

What is Premium Membership?

Premium Membership gives a player some benefits including special windwalk effects (i.e. a blue wind trail), Blade And Soul Gold and XP boosts, and a currency boost.

Is there an Oceanic & SEA server or plans for one?http://www.blade-soul.com/

As of now, the answer is no. However, there is a petition for an OCE server that you can sign, and NCSoft has supported the petition on their Twitch streams as something they will consider for the future.

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