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Blade And Soul: the RMT System

Would depend on which currency and how (purchasable in a reasonable time using the hongmoon coins you get for activity, or via some RMT system which poses a whole other set of issues). But you're right, I don't particularly care as the bigger problem is more that other regions didn't need to lock down the wardrobe for no reason but NCsoft is going to be NCsoft. That and the proposition being posed is still "pay more than $15 a month, and then give us more" is still weak. and its highly unlikely it will be available without a serious amount of in-game currency/readily available. That is to say, you're probably going to have to grind your ass off to afford it.

Bottom line, it's not about affordability but about the gal in the value propositions being proposed. Hell, the $25 founders pack is literally just selling beta access. If they dropped the wardrobe from vip and made it only tiny boosts, it might be more acceptable, but in a game with an expansive and expensive cash shop, pushing hard for a subscription price and twisting peoples arms to get one should not be a thing.
Edit: Annnnd screenshots are suggesting there's an RMT gold exchange system to do so, so yeah, that's even worse news as it means this is yet another game where you can just buy gold. So you have your whale class breezing through the game and your surfs farming gold in desperate hope to unlock VIP.

And yes, I know gw2 does it too, and I don't like it there either. If people patched and saw that every skin in the game had a "pay to unlock" button and a "buy with cash" option next to it in the trading post, they would riot. But because its behind the thin veil of the gem exchange system it gets Blade & Soul Power leveling. The trouble with this system is it has two situations and creates two "classes" of player. The first situation is gold isn't used for much, in which case you have people grinding their ass off to make any meaningful exchanges as nobody wants your worthless gold. The 2nd, gold sinks are everywhere and is in demand, at which point you're allowing the purchase of something that gives a considerable advantage.

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