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Some Normal Issues in Blade And Soul

I have been installing the game somewhat problematicly but I have found the solution and want to share this with you.
My problem was error 1935 while installing the Visual C++ 2005 package.
Now when this error occurs this can mean a several things:
1) Your registry keys for TrustedInstaller.exe are corrupted
2) Your .NET framework is outdated
3) You don't have TrustedInstaller.exe on your PC or if you do it's not in the right directory
Problem 1:
Any windows directed registry cleaner can resolve this problem with a lot of Blade And Soul Gold, if this doesn't help you can adjust the key manually:
press windows key + R to bring up your run prograhttp://www.r4pg.com/blade-soulm window.
type regedit
go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesTrustedInstaller
In here you should find a key named "Start". Doubleclick this key and put in hexadecimal value 2 (run automaticly) or 3 (run manually)
If the value is 4, windows installer module cannot run on your computer and therefor cannot get acces to the installation folder of C++ 2005.
CAUTION: be sure you do NOT make any typo's because making errors in manually correcting your registry keys can be very harmful to your computer.
Problem 2:
If your .NET framework is outdated or maybe damaged you can simply run windows update (if TrustedInstaller.exe is functional) to repair and/or update the file. This should do the job in this scenario.
Problem 3:
Browse to C:WindowsServicing
If this folder does not contain a file named TrustedInstaller.exe this means all your options to use servicing are basicly ruled out.
In this case first search your system if you can find the file at all, some virusses are known to rewrite the location of the file and make it disfunction. If however the file isn't located anywhere on your system you should ask a friend or family member with the same bitversion of windows if they can copy paste the file on a USB for you (to be found in the folder I called above) and put it back on your PC, this should fix your problem.
The specific Operating system your friend or family member is running is not of importance, however I recommend to use the key of an operating system with the same bitrate. 32-bit files are known to cause errors on 64-bit systems and the other way around.
To know what bitrate your system is using you can always press CTRL+ALT+DEL and open your taskmanager.
Alot of processes show the bitrate they run at behind their names as in chrome.exe *32 for a 32 bitsystem and chrome.exe *64 for a 64-bit system at Blade-Soul.com.
I've been google studying IT for 4 hours again to find the cause and solution to this problem so I hope I saved at least one of your days with this.

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