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Attack Delays/Lag in Blade And Soul

I am well aware that you guys asked about a DxDiag report after CBT1, however we haven't heard from it every since.
I am very concerned regarding this issue, since it happens to most people with the following set-up:
-win8.1- win10
-nvidia 8xx-9xx series
Please don't get me wrong, some people with 8.1 or 10 don't have any issue at all because they have nvidia 7xx (not 8xx-9xx)
and some people with nvidia 8xx-9xx don't have any issue at all because they have win7
Of course there are gonna be exceptions out there who come troll in this thread, but like I said most people with a combination of the above are concerned by the same issue: Attack delay/lags.
Now let's be honest, even if BnS is gonna be a F2p game, NCsoft is still a business and hope to make money out of this game.
This is going to be released in 2016, and hope to be up and running for many years in the FUTURE. Problem is, this game is only optimized for older systems and older graphic cards which are from the PAST.
If this game wants to succeed with the help of Blade & Soul Gold, we are gonna need some serious optimization for the more recent systems and graphic cards.
I get between 3 to 5 seconds delay on most of my attacks. Of course I don't get delays 100% of the time! Maybe 30% of my attacks contain delays, which is a lot, and adds up quickly when you play for several hours. Let me not mention dungeons?
As for pvp, I would say 35% of the time I lose is because i get lags and attack delay. This is not very enjoyable at all.
Believe me I love this game, I've been playing it 10+hours a day every single CBT despite the attack delays. However I found myself being so sick of them this week, that I barely played at all. This is just very discouraging not being able to pvp, or lose half of my hp bar because i'm fighting in pve and i'm being frozen for 5seconds +.
I have a master pack, I would really love to upgrade it, but I am only going to upgrade it until I know for sure that this issue will be fixed in the NEAR future.
I plan on playing this game for many months to come and buy Cheap BNS Gold regularly, but once again I cannot do that if this is not fixed.
Point is, this game cannot have a future if it's stuck in the past.
I hope you guys really consider this as an http://www.r4pg.com/blade-soulemergency issue and start working on it first priority.

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