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Blade And Soul: how the gear works

What I like about Blade & Soul (From watching Sodapoppin stream it) is how the gear works. Instead of having each individual pieces that you have to get new gear (Like in WoW, feet/shoulder/head/etc) you just have rings/neck/weapon and then your Set bonuses. I really love that factor! I also have been wanting to try their PVP and Combat system with the help of Blade & Soul Gold, I hear that it is supposed to be really good and balanced. Why I would like to play is it would be a refreshment MMORPG from playing WoW all the time. I feel like this game is the one MMORPG I have been searching for for a very long time, in the fact of every other free to play MMORPG I have tried I cannot get sucked into --- but watching streamers play this, I am in love with it.

What i like about blade and soul is the games combat looks very fun and skill based the story also looks great from the footage i have seen from videos Giving me one of those keys would make me and my brother very happy to play the game if given the chance because we have been looking forward to playing it for awhile now watching videos and streams GL to everyone entering and hope to see you in game

I would love a key because i have played in other versions of the game and the high ping made it hard to enjoy the game to the fullest, but i never gave up because i love this game, i have played alot of mmo's and i have to say this is the best one, been waiting for this game to come to NA/EU for years since i first heard of it, this game just hooks you in and doesn't let go 

I'd like a beta key, been following this game since the teaser came out right after Aion's release back a few years ago. Been with NCSoft for a couple of years now sad to see they've always forgotten me. I just want to get a chance to test out how this game runs/works before dishing out money to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. I'm very optimistic for the game. I know a lot of my friends already pre-ordered, but I'm anti-preorder and unfortunately running short on money and can't afford to spare the money. Thanks for your time~
I have been waiting for the NA release of this game for a few years now and I'm really looking forward to trying out all the crazy character customization. Bought my bf a masterpack for his birthday but I didn't have enough to get one myself before payday so I might end up having to watch him on skype. I'm having a tough time deciding between assassin or summoner, but I might have to go the summoner route since you'll be able to dress up your cat.

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