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Character besides grinding out in Blade And Soul

I have a question. I am wondering if there is any other way to progress your character besides grinding out a ton of mats, via dailies and dungeons, and spending an insane amount of gold in order to upgrade your weapons and accessories. For example, if I do the hardest dungeons in the game, will the weapon drops be better than what I currently have? Or, will maxed out upgrades always be better than what you can get by completing the hardest content in the game. 

Basically, I am wondering if the progression of gear, aside from Soul Shields, comes from using certain farmed mats as upgrades. Or, can I actually progress my character by earning the progress aside from mindless grinding?

Any insight to this, preferably someone who is knows the game very well, and has possible played other versions, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ahead of time for the answers. 

It's spread. By the logic you are basing the game on, yes you can do the hardest dungeons and get good gear(plural as to you have to mix said gear) being bopae for your basic health crit and defense.

However you will need to grind dailies , grind mats, and pvp to get the upgrades in weapons and accessories. 

If you were to get the best bopae in the game and only have true profane you wouldn't even be considered relevant in damage. And you can reverse it too. 

Its all about getting used to the mechanics of the dungeon. Plenty of people here have done those upcoming dungeons and know what to buy more Blade & Soul Gold. The majority of people have no though and will have a rough go at it in the initial runs. Other regions also experienced this when the content was first released for them as well. Its not any different. 

As for the future, comparing KR economy to any other region is a moot point. Their system is completely different. Im sure we'll have a few players with huge gold amounts no doubt (there already are). But I dont think we'll have KR style money for quite some time. Maybe in 2 years from now, people will be reaching those stages. The lv50 content is however exciting. Cant wait for it. 

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